Ladies, which muscle groups are most important in a man?

Recently, I was talking to a female friend of mine (a semi-serious gym bunny) about muscle groups. I told her that I was fairly happy with my lats, but also that I wasn’t sure if I should develop them more. I also said that I wasn’t happy with my deltoids yet.

She said, “A V-shaped body is very important in a man, but shoulders are even more important.”

Of course, I realize that not every woman will have the same opinion. So ladies, which muscle parts do you consider to be most important? Delts? Pecs? Biceps? Abs? Quads? Lats? Glutes?

Not a lady, but I vote abs. Everything else depends on what body type you are, but abs are universal.

I like a v-shaped torso and nice arms & legs (but not too big or thick- eeeew). A nice firm butt is also a joy to behold.

Nice, muscular shoulders, flat belly, nice ass, good legs. In that order for me, or maybe it’s just what my eyes appreciate as they travel downwards from gazing into his piercing blue eyes…

Russel the love muscle?:smiley:

::Ducks and runs away::

::dons feminine disguise:: The PC muscles! Gotta love men who do Kegels!

Shoulders and abs are what attracts me the most. That being said, I’m not a fan of men who obsesss over their bodies. Defined muscles are nice but not essential. Being fit is way more important.

The one between your ears.

And the one you call your heart.

Now I’m depressed.

I’ll second phouka.

Look, we all know that physical qualities are only a part of what makes a man or a woman attractive, and that in the long run personal qualities are what really matter in a relationship. That’s not what this thread is about. This thread is about what parts of a man cause you to stop and look for a second, and maybe think thoughts you wouldn’t want to print in a family newspaper.

I’ll third phouka.

I’m going for glutes!

I can sympathize with how useless a non-responsive answer is. What’s the point in not answering a question? But I think it’s also not a great question. A lot, but by no means all of women that I’ve known seem to genuinely not be focused on any particular muscle groups. For them, a well proportioned generally fit physique and attractive well-fitting clothing is what catches their eye. So even if you can coax “legs” out of her by widdling down your question, the answer to “what do you find physically attractive in men” might have been completely different. It’s a bit like asking men what style clothing they find most physically appealing on women. Even if you get an answer, it’s not by any means a proxy for “what do you find physically attractive?”, where the answer is much more likely to be boobs.

Muscles? Don’t care for them. Maybe some light toning in the arms and legs. Overly toned abs are odd-looking. Don’t care for the thick neck that comes with too much working out. Just work out enough to keep you in shape in the sack.

After phouka’s answer, I’d say being well balanced is important. Great shoulders are just silly on chicken legs.

In my opinion, well balanced is the way to go. If I have to pick a favorite area, I’d go with abs. A well balanced man with great abs has an advantage with me.

OP: Of all the sciences, which one is your favorite?

Good responses:

Bad responses:
Video Games

The brain is not a muscle. But y’all already knew that, right?

Biceps. I like strong arms that hug tight.

ETA: and biology is my favorite science, followed by physics. :slight_smile:

I like a nice butt and nice legs. Tennis-playing men: Rowrrrr!

But this is just an aesthetic appeal. For some reason, whatever muscles a guy has or does not have has no effect on whether I will fall madly in love with him.

Well, I may have fallen in love with the piano movers, but it was just for a minute.