What's hot about men's shoulders?

Apparently it’s a “hotspot”, and that broad shoulders are attractive? Is it a fitness indicator?

It’s… manly. Broad, muscular shoulders are very attractive to me, and I don’t even care all that much about guys being super buff. But a good set of shoulders sends a signal that this is a man–strong, grown, ready and able to carry me from a burning building, or cradle a kitten or infant. They are inviting to lean against while I’m being held, or bite when I’m being f… you know.

I’d say it’s a fitness indicator, yes. And a nice one.

There’s somewhat of a contradiction between appearance and reality. The square shouldered “Hercules” seems to be the ideal but the guy with the sloped shoulders is the guy you have to watch out for. The sloped shoulders, in truth are a tip-off that the guy may be REALLY strong. Guys like Gordie Howe and a lot of NFL offensive linemen have sloped shoulders.

Of course, I’m not talking about the wimps that have no muscle development. But if you are going to pick out the really strong guy based on appearance, look for the sloped shoulders.

When I think of those “sloped” shoulders, I think of an overbuilt guy with a big muscular neck. Not attractive to me.
In my own head, I use the words “hangar shoulders” when I think of a man’s shoulders I find attractive, thinking of the profile shape of the clear plastic retail hangars with the metal rack hook. Broad, straight, and strong; but not with the extra muscle that makes him look brutish. A guy with the hangar shoulders, I want to use them to climb up and hang on!

Then us narrow-shouldered guys are doomed, since the only way to get bigger shoulders comes with bigger traps, ie. sloped shoulders.

That, and a maleness indicator. Just as men tend to find slender necks, wide hips and small chins attractive.

Fixed your typo for you… :smiley:

Whilst we’re on the subject, why the hell are abs attractive? They don’t even do anything!

They indicate a very developed pelvic-motion capability.

That’s kind of the point. One with broader shoulders can put more muscle on his frame than one with more narrow shoulders.

A bit IMHO, but I think most guys that go to the gym don’t spend nearly enough time on shoulder development. A lot of guys just work biceps and chest, which is quite silly. A stronger back will allow you to work your biceps harder, and stronger triceps allows you to work your chest harder. OTOH, I dedicate one day a week to just work shoulders. They’re what connects your chest and back to your biceps and triceps, so getting them strong allows you to get your biceps and chest bigger and stronger, as well.

This is quite the incorrect statement. Abs do everything. There’s literally nothing physical that abs don’t help you with. Evolutionarily speaking, for instance, running, throwing a spear, picking berries… I could go on and on, but a strong core is essential for a competitive athlete (and analogously a man living off the earth) to maintain.

I concede they do if you’re trying to get laid. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s the beauty of it!

I know you’re being silly, but you’re wrong.

They do help in getting laid, though, you’re right about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep. There’s no reason for us to find secondary sex characteristics attractive except for the fact that they are secondary sex characteristics.

You’ve just said I was wrong and right in the same sentence - :confused:

All joking aside, the points you make about abs being both a sign of and assistance to core strength are correct, I hadn’t really thought about that. It’s just I find myself wondering when I’m drooling over a picture of some guy’s six pack why precisely a few bumps on his stomach are so attractive, and I can’t really figure it out (that said an erect penis isn’t exactly pretty but it’s incredibly attractive).

Are you sure you’re not thinking of guys with overdeveloped traps? Like this guy?

Please don’t do this.

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I’m saying you’re conceding for the wrong reason.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re a guy, right? Assuming so for the purposes of this post, it never dawned on me that the same things heterosexual humans find attractive in the opposite sex to ensure reproductive success are the same things homosexual humans find attractive in the same sex. This may be quite a bit off topic, but that leads a lot of credence to the school of thought that homosexuality is genetic and innate, rather than something that is chosen.

Traps are generally considered to be part of the shoulders. Also, that guys lats are a lot more impressive than his traps.

I don’t argue that. But in my experience the term “sloped shoulders” generally refers to someone who, for want of a better description, can’t stand up straight rather than someone with a huge Brahma-bull muscle piled up on top of his scapulas.

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