Ladies, how much cuddle do you like on your man?

So, last week being Halloween week, I disregarded any healthy attitudes, ate lots of chocolate, and neglected to go to the gym. Now, whereas this made me a little unhappy, a ladyfriend of mine was thrilled! She wants me to get a big huge belly because she finds them incredibly sexy on men. Another girl I dated a few years back also has a preference for guys with a bit of extra girth on them. Both still drool over the likes of Brad Pitt, but their preferences seem to be for guys with a bit more bulk. So, ladies, what’s your preference? Does your man have to have rock hard abs and an ass you can bounce a quarter off of, or do you like love handles and soft bits?

The cuddlier, the better. It might be just me, but I find the six pack abs to be very frightening, and somewhat of an eye sore.

Being not perfect myself, I like a bit of cuddle. Then I feel less pressure to be perfect. When it gets saggy or terribly jiggly (I am reminded of the fat test Dr. Hibbert gave Homer where he timed how long it took to stop jiggling), though, that is too much.

Well, I’m not a fan of the body builder physique, but I’m not attracted to someone who looks unhealthy, either. I once compared the photos of the three men in my life who were most attractive to me (including my husband) - all of them were teddy-bear-like - not too tall, not skinny, and bearded.

Yeah, I like a guy with a little extra cush. Makes 'em more huggable!

I’m a big fan of big, broad shoulders with a decent amount of hard muscle, and a cuddly, soft belly on men. The soft bits are good to tickle and hug. Teddy bear men. Warm, cuddly, playful, hugging, wrestling…sorry, getting distracted…

Cuddly bits are all good.

Hi. I’m Sunspace, and I’ve a few extra kilos around the waust… :smiley:

Mr. Levins presents my personal ideal; he has incredibly broad shoulders and a very broad chest as well, plus a tummy that has gone up and down over the years, but never gets too huge (think of the Hideous Pregnant Man Syndrome) or goes away completely, either.

I find this intensely attractive; he’s got gorgeous legs and a great ass, so the tummy makes him cuddly. I’d never want a guy that spends more time in the gym than I do; Mr. Levins loves to ride his bike, so he’s fit, but he doesn’t have a gym-addict’s body.

I’ve never dated a man with a six-pack.

I’m the pretty one in this relationship, remember? :wink:

Cuddle = good.


[sub]*fek’… *[/sub]

Me four. While I admire the dedication it takes to get a body-builder physique, it’s a turn-off because:

  1. I’ll never be physically perfect or close to it. I’m working on being healthy, but I just didn’t get the right genes/bone structure/whatever to fit the accepted definition of “perfect.”

  2. Someone who looks like that obviously spends a lot of time at the gym, which makes him unavailable for other activities.

  3. When I see a guy like that, I automatically think, “self-centered.” (Notice that I did not say “egotistical.”)

  4. As long as it’s not unhealthy, a little pudge is cute. It just is.

As long as a man has broad shoulders and some kind of muscle, a tummy is just fine with me.

I do like to look at a slim, toned (not massively muscled) physique, ala Brad Pitt, but some cuddle is more fun to, well, cuddle and so forth.

There’s something about a BIG SOLID guy that is incredibly sexy. I’m talking broad shoulders, big arms, etc. IMO that’s MUCH more important than a six pack. Mmmm… chest hair too. And a nice butt. And good legs. Way too many guys have icky skinny legs and no butt.

Skinny, lanky guys like the way professional bike racers or runners are built are about the worst kind of build IMO. Well, maybe not the worst - no muscle at all would be the worst and at least these lanky types tend to have muscle.

Mr. Athena is pretty much the ideal, but he’s taken, so BACK OFF!

And apparently none of you women live in the south because…?

I dig the soft bits as well, which is ironic since both of my serious relationships have been with really tall lanky types.

But big guys–with thick arms and a soft trunk I could snuggle up to–still tend to be the kind of guys I “notice”.

Mr. Levins sounds a lot like Mr. Armadillo–perfect legs, very cute butt, broad shoulders and solid bit of muscle in the arms, with a nice amount of squish in the middle. He’s got a bit of padding in the belly, but not so that he’s got this huge Pregnant-Man gut that hangs over his pants waist. Just a nice squish in the middle that I can snuggle with. I make sure to keep a cookie jar full in the kitchen, to make sure it doesn’t go away :).
I don’t know that I could date a guy with a perfect six-pack physique.

Wow… sounds like if you gals weren’t all taken, I’d be in high demand! Three or four of you described me to a T there.

Actually, I’ve found what you’re saying to be true- a number of girls have opined that I’m built just right, which has usually floored me because I’ve always considered myself to be way too fat.

I prefer the chubby types.

My SO is 5’8.75" (exactly the same as me… we measured) and 240 lbs. I’m about 215, but we both need to lose a little for health reasons.

Skinny we will never be… and I prefer it that way.

I have a thing for love handles. Even on skinnier guys, I like something to hold on to. :slight_smile:

Count me in too. MixieArmadillo has described my favorite body type for a guy.

I’m just not into the lanky guys. And while I don’t like the six pack abs, I also don’t care for the alternative: pony keg abs. Give me a tall, broad shouldered, meat-on-his-bones guy and I’m in Heaven.
Mmm. :slight_smile:

lanky guys… i always think i could snap ‘em like a twig. 5’10"-6’ 1" 200ish is just fine.

i love a guy you can cuddle up too as well…it has been the reason i’ve told several guy friends that they’re not “fat” (because they’re not - god they sound like women when they say that) but that they’re “huggable.”

a slight pudge around the trunk is very cute and endearing. i’ve never had a thing for butts, to be honest. i like the shoulders and the back and the arms and hands with character, all of that.

but we’re forgetting one very important thing, ladies:


oh, i swoon over nice calves (damn my mother and her influence). a guy that was in my marching band in high school had the most wonderful legs (he was actually one of the ones to claim he was “fat,” but he was truly gorgeous and teddy bearish) . huge calves that you wanted to just take a bite out of. he played sousaphone, i was in colorguard…we’d practice marching and i was good enough that i could follow all the commands but detach myself enough to just watch his legs marching along…

This thread is terrible.

5’10 140lb guy here. These responses make me sad, but not as sad as being “cuddly” would make me.