Ladies: Which male physique would you prefer?

I am into weightlifting (possibly beginning bodybuilding), and I often times hear of how some ladies are put off by guys who get too much muscle or lose too much of their body fat. I found these pictures on the internet (so they aren’t of me). I am curious about which one you prefer. Please try to ignore things like tan, amount of body hair, perceived height. Also I realize that personality, etc. are important, but assume all things are equal. Which number would you prefer:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Link 6
Link 7

Note that all links are to the same picture. I put this many copies up so bandwidth wouldn’t be an issue. If one doesn’t work, try another.

If you wouldn’t mind including your age as well (or an age range), that would be terrific. Thanks.

Just to look at, I’d go with 10, probably. To actually be with I’d lean towards 2 or maybe 5. I prefer the look of a guy who isn’t completely obsessed with his body and who spends some time working out, but not all his time. I think I would also feel pressured to have a perfect body if the man I was dating/married to was completely ripped. It’s nice when you’re a teenager, as an adult it’s too much work.

It would be helpful if all of these shots were taken with arms down/relaxed, instead of posing, btw.

I’m 26 and have always been in pretty good shape, sometimes excellent shape, but never with virtually no body fat like some of these greasy guys display. 8 is downright icky.

I’m 39 and look overweight even when I’m not. Usually the guys I find attractive in person tend to be built like a cross between a wardrobe closet and a mack truck (but beer bellies repulse me).

9 looks the yummiest. 7 and 8 are definitely overdone; 4 and 6 give me a bad vibe because they’re sucking in their stomachs (even though it looks like there isn’t much to suck in). 11 is way slimmer than what I like, but that’s a matter of skeleton, not muscle.

I would expect 9 to be a guy who exercises a lot because he’s into some sort of competitive sport which requires him to be in good shape. I’d also be very surprised if he had an interest in a woman whose idea of exercise is a 3 hour walk rather than an hour at the gym - I wouldn’t want to date a guy who insisted in changing my exercise habits, same as if I was going out with 3 or 10 I wouldn’t go badgering them about love handles.

I’m 24 and prefer number 11. The muscles look naturally athletic, like they came from sports rather than spending hours in the gym. I do prefer leaner guys though.

Dislike - 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8
Dislike less - 5, 7, 9, 10
Like - 11

11 is the best, as it looks fit without being fake. The guy could use an extra 10kg of weight all over though.

Unfortunately I’m not much use to you for surveys like this because I really hate over-muscly shoulders, which disqualifies most of the others - particularly 7 & 8, where the guys look to be put together from Action Figure parts.

I like 7 and 11. They don’t strike me as “bodybuilder” types. They’re very fit but not overly developed like those guys who look like thalidomyde tragedies with their little flipper-like lower arms and gigantor upper arms and chests. Too much of anything is never good.

Meh. Human bodies are meant to have only one set of shoulders, a discernable neck, and arms that hang straight down when at rest. All of those pictures are so “Look at me!!! Me big strong man!!!” that they inspire more mirth than lust.

That said, I’m pretty firmly of the opinion that what *looks * good is often different from what *feels * good, and while some of those guys might be fun to look at, the guy I’m most likely to curl up next to is #2, minus the crap jeans.

Something in between 7 and 11 for me. I mean, if you want to be perfect for me. Of course, you should do what you like.

I guess I’d pick #11, but he’s even a bit too muscley for me. I’m into the pale, skinny guys, though. Or kind of fluffy, snuggly guys. But if #11 had a dry sense of humor and was intelligent (and had pretty eyes), he’d be closest to the body type I prefer. I’m 34, female.

Here’s another vote for the 7 & 11 category.

I like my guys to have little or no excess body fat. And I like physiques that are built (or at least look as if they’re built) from work and sports, not from long hours at the gym.

#7 is a touch too “gym muscle”-ish, and #11 is a bit too skinny overall, but either of them would be welcome in my bed. And someone right in between would be absolutely perfect.

I’m 36.

I like 11 most, though ideally he’d be even skinnier.

However, the two guys I married (not at the same time!) were heavy, so obviously this just isn’t that important to me.

I like #11 the best. I’m not into huge, bulky muscles. #11 looks trim and fit.

#11! Nom, nom nom nom. :stuck_out_tongue:

#7 I wouldn’t kick out of bed, mind you, and I bet #2 gives the best backrubs. #4 might be nice if he wasn’t sucking in his stomach and trying to look like a cartoon. #10 isn’t bad, but a bit too thick in the hips for me (it’s not a fat thing, it’s a my-hip-dislocates-when-I’m-on-top thing). #8 literally makes my stomach churn a little bit. I think it’s those thighs. Ugh. A man’s thighs should not be bigger than mine, evah!

I beg to differ. I have a very firm policy of not dating men whose thighs are *smaller * than mine. Absolutely unacceptable.

Although I chose 7 and 11, I never once even dated “That Guy.” Let alone engage in the Horizontal Hula or (gasp!) marriage! Back in the day, most people didn’t work out as a regular part of their lives. The idea of dating a buff-looking guy just never entered my mind.

#11. I like muscles that look useful, and like he might have gotten them through exercise. He could be a bit slimmer, but that’s more or less what Mr. Lissar looks like with his shirt off, and he gets it from 20 hours of martial arts a week.

Everyone else is too bulky for me.

Number 11. Excessively bulgy muscles are not pleasing.

I’m 26.

I like #7 the best because I have a thing for six packs. Mostly because I know how hard they are to achieve.

I actually only date guys who look like #1 but I uh…prefer boys who don’t make me look fat. I like the fluffy look! But admittedly, I don’t sit around and stare at their bods.

#7 though, I could stare at all day. He’s the guy I’d like to hire to come clean my house and cook meals, shirtless. I also look at him and think “yes, he could spread my mulch any day!” (and when I say that I mean “spread my mulch” :slight_smile: )

I’m 28.

Definitely #11 by a wide margin. He looks like a swimmer and I dig swimmers’ lean and muscular bodies.

I’m 29.

Ah, yes, but you wouldn’t want to date a guy with thighs larger than MINE. Trust me, I’ve seen my thighs! :wink: Even when thin, I had German farmwife thighs. I can leg press well over 500 pounds, and I’m not in shape at all - unless you count round and squishy as a shape. Good fer plowin’ when the ox takes ill, I reckon.