Hey Girls How Big Do You Like Your Guys?

No, not down there. I am talking about the build of a guy? Do y’all like body builder size or do you like say the size of the dudes playing volleyball in Top Gun? Skinny guys Or what?

I like tall, lanky guys. Not geeky lanky, but skater lanky, if that makes any sense. A lot of my friends are into guys with big builds, but I do not find that the least bit appealing .

If he can spell, make me laugh, take showers regularly and is good in bed, I don’t care how big or little he is! (No, not down there, I’m talking about the build of a guy.)

quoting a Hot Topic T-Shirt:

“I Dig Scrawny Pale Guys”

Right now I’m dating a cuddly teddy bear type. But I like anything. It’s more in the personality anyway.

I like them average. Not muscle city, but not the scrawny type either. But it’s more about personality than anything else.

I rally don’t care much one way or the other, I dated huggable cuddly guys and I’ve cuddled with skinny white guys. Of course personality wise I think I like the skinny white guys more right now but as for build I don’t really have a preference.


Well, I have a tendency towards either average with some nice muscles to very skinny. I dunno why, I’m just not really attracted to the teddy bear type in most cases.

I have to agree with the above women that personality is key. However, that said: I am really just not attracted to skinny guys, I’m afraid I’d hurt them in bed. :smiley: I have a fondness for they cuddly type, especially in winter.

If a gay man may contribute, I like my men with a muscular build. I like a guy with a blue collar, “real man” look, and a hairy chest is a plus.

Hmm. I guess I don’t have a particular idea, but ‘too scrawny’, ‘too muscular’ or ‘too pudgy guys’ don’t really do anything for me.

<overly dramatic sigh> that should have been ‘ideal’, and the ’ should have gone after pudgy. This has been like my 5th screw-up I’ve made in a post just this morning. I think I will start to preview. Yes, that sounds like a good idea.

5’8" at the max! I’m only about 5’1" and I hate feeling like if a guy tripped, he’d squash me.

In terms of bulkiness, er, well, I’d have to say Val Kilmer as featured in Top Gun was pretty tasty, but Val Kilmer as featured in “Real Genius” is really more my style. (faraway look in rmariamp’s eyes… all these years, waiting to tell someone that she IS prepared should gravity reverse itself…)

**ssskuggiii : **Well, I have a tendency towards either average with some nice muscles to very skinny


**Fairy Princess Kitty : **personality wise I think I like the skinny white guys more


**Chum : **I like tall, lanky guys.


**DigitalMuse : **“I Dig Scrawny Pale Guys”


**mariamp : **5’8" at the max!


I like 'em big. Like football player big. I don’t find skinny men physically attractive.

I like men who do lots of physical work. Therefore, I like muscles, but I don’t like pretty boys who live at the gym. No, I like men with calluses and dusty boots. I like men who work with heavy machinery.

But those men are merely appetizers. They only taste good for so long.

The best men are the ones who can talk to you as an equal, make you laugh, and be a good person in general. Build is not the first thing I’m attracted to in reality.

As long as the guy is not too fat, all types of build qualify. Though I like skinny men, they wouldn’t be my first choice of man because they contrast so much with my (medium) build. It’s ok for them to be shorter than me, but please not much lighter.
Muscles: bodybuilder-muscles indicates to me vanity and self-absorbent personality. Natural (non-gym) muscles are attractive in a boy I like and trust. Otherwise I would be a little wary of a boy so obviously stronger then me.

As for looks, more important than build is personality, as expressed in movement, posture and dress. Attractive guys/personalities are not afraid to dress original, beautiful, relaxedly sloppy, or like they’ve just been painting the house/tinkering and had fun doing it, too!

Why do you ask?

I’m curious about why you want to know, Wildest Bill.


Because my wife’s cousin(that is single) is heavy into roids and weightlifting. I told him that I didn’t think girls really dug the huge bodybuilder type and he disagreed. I told him that he is big enough(he is currently bigger than the dudes playing volleyball in the Top Gun movie). So I wanted to tell em about this thread poll more or less to get him to lay off the juice.

I am not saying steroid use is totally bad either. Matter of fact, I think the only real reason it is illegal is because of this countries infactuation with sports. If it was totally bad, why do they prescribe it and sell it over the counter in Mexico? I believe it is like anything else if you abuse it it is bad. And I think he is starting to abuse it.

But I really don’t want my reason to bias the poll so girls if you like the body builder type, please don’t alter your opinion based my reason for the thread.


Ah, I see. Well, FWIW, I completely agree with you about huge, muscle-bound guys. I have a theory that guys who build themselves up like that are very insecure about their masculinity (and they are also, IMHO, quite unattractive).