Music and its moments

This is a thread that i thought of whilst listening to Grace by Jeff Buckley (something thats appearing a lot at the moment). During this album there are two moments which I think are just something out of the ordinary that are worth mentioning.
Firstly the very beginning of the album (Mojo Pin) where his voice gets gradually louder over the music for about 40 - 50 seconds. i just think it sets up the album perfectly and is one of those moments in music that makes music what it is.
Secondly is in the song ‘So Real’ when theres some sort of chainsaw sounding solo almost. It’s totally random but somehow works and again makes the song something else.

I can think of others such as the telephone you can hear ringing in the background to the song ‘The Ocean’ by Led Zeppelin. I have no idea why its there, who thought of doing it, etc. but it just sounds interesting and adds another dimension.

So post any similar thing; im not talking about solos, or lyrics or that kind of obvious stuff, more weird things that makes songs something more.

The first thing that comes to mind for this thread is in The Kingsmen’s version of Louie, Louie - the most famous version that led to all the hubbub about whether the lyrics were racy (featured in a classic Cecil column).

After the guitar solo - which is truly craptacular, by the way - they are gearing up for the last first, but blow the start - the vocalist starts to sing, realizes that the band isn’t moving to the verse rhythm, so he stops and waits until they all start.

It wasn’t intentional, like the things you mentioned Homer J, but boy, does it exemplify the messy glory that is that song.

I suppose the other things that comes to mind is the song Territorial Pissings of Nirvana’s Nevermind - when that mess of feedback and noise just holds there, then the drums kick in and the noise resolves into guitar chords - just amazing.

Bump - i know you want to reply, your just not thinking hard enough!

In the middle of the intro to–I think it’s Piledriver–off the first Damn Yankees CD, Ted says “Wait a minute!” right in time. It’s absolutely perfect.

The Tubes had a synth guy who never played notes, he just put little touches in here and there that were great! The little fishy noise at the end of Sushi Girl, giant footstep sounds in Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman, etc.

a similar thread

I love the Led Zeppelin recording on Physical Graffiti (I think the song was Black Country Woman) where you can hear an airplane go overhead, and the musicians, sounding stoned, arguing about whether to cut the tape or keep rolling. Someone pipes up “no, no… leave it. Leave it in,” and his mumbling gets covered by the first two guitar chords.

Also, there’s the bit in Hey Jude where you hear someone yell “F*CK!” at the 2:59 point, but basically only if you’re listening for it. I’ve heard it conjectured that this is because they were purposefully busting the three minute limit imposed on them by their record company (for their own good, of course!). The song went on to be 7:11 long, and shot straight to number one anyway.

The full recording of Green Day’s Melancholy (Time of Your Life) includes a false start where Billie Joe botches the complex picking - he also mutters the F-word.

I know there are more, though… way more! Bring it on.