music for ads?

I hope this is the right board for this sort of thing.

Whats the music thats used for the United ads these days that end with “We are united”. Its a classical piano piece thats slightly playful.


George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue.”

ok, big bump, because I want to know the song that being used by Victoria’s Secret for their BODY lingerie. Its got this french scat by a women and is very cute. (I think the model is Tyra Banks)

PS. Fibo: Thanks for helping me out with Rhapsody!

According to this website:

The song heard in the background, as curvy models hang about in their underwear, is “Relaxin’ with Cherry,” from the French trip-hopster Kid Loco. The Dimitri From Paris and Bibi re-mix can be found on 1999’s, Prelude To A Grand Love Story.

(By the way, that site and this one are the two best sites for finding out songs from commercials.)

Nope, that wasnt the song I wasnt looking for. The ad I mentioned has only one model (Tyra) in a black sweater unbuttoning it and then twisting away; thats when the music starts.

The vocals go something like
“Dee Doo Dee Daa …”
“je nais sais francais; mais je suis” (not exact lyrics but you get the idea, its in french)
Then we get some closeups of her …ahem… boobies.
I searched the web before posting and found only this site:

not very helpful either.

ramesh, did you actually listen to the sample? I was going by your description of the music, not the description of the commercial.