Music for every (drug related) occasion.

I’m curious what music or particular songs do you prefer for your various drug experiences. So, if you have any suggestions please list the song or band and the particular recreational refreshment that it goes well with. It would be extra helpful if you added a link so I could get an idea of what the artist sounds like.

One of our biggest frustrations when going on narcotic adventures can be playing the same old shit, out of habit. I’m in the market for new sounds and experiences.

The most likely party favors I will be experiencing in the future will be pot, E, and LSD. Maybe Shrooms, though they’ve been hard to find in my area as of late.

Anyway, I’d love to hear some suggestions. I’ll post again later with some of the things that are on rotation now, but I don’t want to influence anyone by sharing my tastes just yet, because half the fun is discovering things that I would never have considered.


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For pot, the obvious choice is the Legend of the U.S.S. Titanic for the four hundred and ninety seven and a half feet of rope.

Why? It’s not the first drug related thread I’ve ever seen or even posted. I’m not exactly a newbie, as I’ve been a member/lurker for a decade, at least. Do you take issue with drug related discussions? I don’t. I’m an adult and I’m honestly curious about others opinion on the subject, as it relates to music. If you’re uncomfortable, kindly see your way out of the thread.

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For those times when you just can’t get off.

See “The Rock and Roll Doctor”

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Good stuff. Thanks!

Drug experiences? What are they? I can’t remember.

Dude, what is the deal? Are you high? [/snarky stoner]

One of my favorite weed albums is Dressed To Kill by KISS. Gene Simmons has stated that Neil Bogart produced the album through a haze of pot smoke and that affected the sound. He’s right. The guitar tone just blows me away when I’m high, and some of Ace Frehley’s best lead work is on that album.


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At the end of next month, I will have been clean & sober for eleven years. Yet to this day, I CANNOT listen to either Jimi Hendrix or Santana without seriously jonzing to smoke tons and tons of weed! Hendrix’s Band of Gypsies album is particularly dangerous for me.

If you’re really intent on experiencing something hallucinogenic, I would recommend Space Is the Place by Sun Ra. Pretty out there stuff, very conducive to mushrooms and LSD. It’s actually a sound track to a movie. Here’s a preview. You can check out the whole flick on youtube.

Some great suggestions. As promised, I’ll link a few things that I’m fond of in various situations.

Weed: I tend to enjoy rocking out, but with a little repetitive droning.


A Place to Bury Strangers:

TV on the Radio:

For E I prefer things to be a little more surreal and slightly more electronic…but again, repetitive:

Panda Bear:

LCD Soundsystem

Tranquility Bass:

The ting I’ve never been able to get right after all these years is music that works on the same level for tripping. We used to just watch Dune with the sound off and play whatever the iPod decided to grace us with. I’m thinking I need to experiment with a completely new sound and vibe for this.

Thanks for all the replies so far.

More for the hyped up type, but also works for any occasion:

Sorry I’m late to the party :smack:

Since this is revived:
LSD: Hallucinogen or Shpongle

With Ecstasy I like my electronica melodic and emotional. Like Above & Beyond (well, Oceanlab) or Gouryella