Music for the first warm day of the year.

So the first time in 2011 it’s gorgeous today in New York City: 76F, sunny, low humidity. After scanning my ipod for the right music to listen to on a day like this, I settled on CSN’s first album. It was a good choice.

What else fits?

I find that Jesus and Mary Chain’s album Automatic is great sunny day music.

Too early, but a nice song…

The Gandarvhas- Downtime and First Day of Spring

Sunny Goodge Street - Donovan

Morning Morgantown - Joni Mitchell

Suite for 20 G - James Taylor

A bit of an aside - when you have that day and you know that winter’s back is truly broken, I call that Spring Day. I love Spring Day - everyone spontaneously just gets out of the house - it doesn’t matter what you do, you just do it OUTSIDE! :slight_smile:

Just by the way, “Marrakesh Express” is my go-to contentment song. But I really hadn’t sung it all winter. Found myself belting it out yesterday.

In that spirit, Jonathan Coulton’s “First of May”: 'Now’s the time for people to get togehter… outside"

(Lyrics NSFW)

Darn your hide, 42fish. That’s what I was going to post. :mad:


Goddam right, it’s a beautiful day - Eels