Music Group Slipknot

I know a girl online who is very much into them, and also very much into white power. However, I remember hearing that one of the members of Slipknot is black. Question is: Which member? Does anyone happen to know? I’m sure it would make good anti-WP ammo for a confused 13 year old such as herself. Thanks.

There are evidently at least three bands on the Web calling themselves “Slipknot”. Are you talking about the British band, or the one from Iowa, or the one from Massachusetts?

Photos of the Mass. band. Looks like a bunch of middle-aged white guys to me.
The British Slipknot–Google Hit #1 for “slipknot” but I don’t see anything on the page except for a graphic. It may not be displaying correctly on my computer.

The Iowa Slipknot, with a German fan page.

Eh, I think you’re on your own here, Daoloth. Good luck. :smiley:

What do you mean by “into white power”? You’re saying that she’s a White Supremacist, and you’re hoping to be able to prove something to her, if a member of her favorite band is black? Honey, that won’t prove anything to a true White Supremacist–she’ll just rationalize it by muttering something about “natural rhythm” and keep right on with all her prejudices intact.

The Iowa Slipknot is probably the band she is talking about, they played OzzFest 2001, so they have had plenty of exposure.

Since they all wear masks, its a bit hard to tell for sure, but looks like they are all white.

Hope you find something, sorry I couldn’t help. I have to agree with DDG, denial is a powerful thing.

Yes, the Iowa Slipknot would be the one. I figure though, since she’s 13 and probably pretty impressionable, that she won’t be able to just rationalize away one of her idols being black.