Music Made From Water

Water music
Check this out, this video was apparently made only from water sounds like waterfalls and waves and leaking sinks. Cool stuff.

Also I heard there’s a thing called a wave organ that uses waves to push air through an organ type instrument.

I dunno… it loses a lot of the effect for me once they synthesize the sounds. Unless I’m misunderstanding what synthesized means in this context?


here’s the wave organ

I was going to do this 20 years ago with tree sounds. Branches rubbing together, that sort of thing. Never got around to it.

Also, could they have at least scrubbed the bottom of that tub before putting it in the video?

There’s another wave organ in Zadar, Croatia. Video here. The effect it creates is really bizarre.

This video is a brilliant example of unintentional comedy. The song is a pretty neat idea, though.

I agree, Electric Warrior. I love music that uses unconventional sounds, so even though the video is pretty lame I still found it pretty enjoyable.