Music on Grey's Anatomy / Battlestar Galactica

In season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy, some episodes (certainly not all) have a percussion instrument during dramatic times, especially during scene changes between several dramatic scenes.

It was so reminiscent of the percussion in Battlestar Galactica that I thought the guy who did all that might have been involved. But I can’t find evidence that Bear Mcgreary or Richard Gibbs did any of it.

Is it possible that the producer, director, or musical director for those episodes was just so taken with the Battlestar Galactica percussion scoring that they used it? Or was it someone other than the musical director from BSG?

IMDB seems to think Danny Lux did the original music for 88 episodes from 2005-2009.


I don’t watch the show, so I don’t know if that covers the episodes you’re asking about or not.