Grey's Anatomy musical

Did anyone catch this tonight. I was very wary but it turned out very well. Of course Sarah Ramirez (Callie) carried the episode but she has Broadway experience. I was surprised at how well Owen did. Although he managed to retain his US accent, the deep baritone of his natural Scottish brogue snuck in. Lil Grey was sweet but slightly autotuned. Bailey was nice. I didn’t notice meredith, Christine, or Sheppard singing at all. I thought it was cool that they used songs that got their fame by appearing in Grey’s Anatomy in prior episodes. It was nice to see Addison but she was wasted. She should have been a bigger part of the decision about whether to deliver the baby. I liked that when she woke, Callie said ‘yes’. As far as musical episodes of tv shows go, this one ranks up there. Not quite Once More With Feeling, but definitely a win.

This sealed the deal for me. Grey’s has definitely jumped the shark. I don’t need this “entertainment” in my life any longer. Ta ta.

It was bad enough when they would drown out the dialog with insipid and inappropriate lyrics, and even had the CC version of the lyrics there to confuse you with what was being sung as well as being said. But to go all West Side Story with dumb lyrics and people breaking into song was the icing on the cake.

I had stuck with too many abrupt changes in direction before. Heigl. George. Everybody in the cast fucking everybody else.

I’m done.

I was thinking last night’s (3/31) “Glee” episode of “Grey’s” was the shark jumping moment. Glad you concur.

My girlfriend has been a huge fan…and even she was laughing at how bad it was.

To me, it was kind of sad - it clearly reeked…of desperation. A new “quirk” to get viewers back. But it was just too bizarre.

The whole musical thing was just completely unnecessary. Those of us who still watch, watch because we like the format. I dont think a Grey’s fan was ever watching an episode and thought… they should totally bust out in song right now.

Sara Ramirez was the only one watchable when singing. Great voice.

I’m going to do my best to TRY and ignore that this episode ever happened and tune in next week to enjoy the normal drama.

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I didn’t know the show was still on when I happned to see Jimmy Kimmel interview the “fat” one on the show and she talked about it.

I can’t imagine it NOT being the “shark jump.”

I liked it.

Solidarity :smiley:

Overall I hated it less than I thought I might, having just a little foreknowledge of the episode.

They lost me with the couples’ sunshine number in the middle, but I thought the part after that was at least as good as the part before.

Hated it. What was the point of that? Ugh.

I liked it. Hell, I cried during the Crashing Cars number. I really don’t get where this is jumping the shark. This is the hospital where doctors hold live bombs inside the body cavity of a living man, doctors have quasi-suicidal falls into icy rivers in the middle of a mass casualty, baby docs perform complicated cardiac surgery to hide the fact that her mentor (himself a famous, fabulous cardiac surgeon) is having difficulty after being shot, then said baby doc is almost killed by a falling icicle, blonde stupid doc almost kills a patient because she’s in love with him and manages not only to keep her license but also her job, a maniac shoots up the hospital and the other super famous and fabulous neuro, somewhere in all of it Izzy and George met up in the “pretty twilight place between heaven and earth”, and probably most incredulously - the docs start their own IVs and put in urinary catheters.

Seriously - breaking out into song is probably the most normal thing I’ve seen.

I’ve actually experienced spontaneous musical numbers at work but we draw the line at dancing. Okay, it doesn’t happen often but one time I had “Don’t stop believing” stuck in my head and was singing it under my breath when someone else joined in, so we started singing it louder. Mostly, it’s just singing to the radio or just singing a verse of a song when a lyric or something similar to a lyric comes up in normal conversation or a pet has a name from a song.

Yes, yes indeed! In fact they sort of referred to that in this episode where Grey is talking to Alex about the shit that goes down at Seattle Grace ‘Everybody Dies’ or something hospital.

I liked it too, but I have a high tolerance for cheese.