Music question for the baby boomers

I’m doing a bit of personal research. I’m 39, so I am just a bit too young to have personal recollections to draw upon. I experienced a more latter day Zeitgeist, I suppose. I need to borrow boomer memories.

I’m interested in gathering a list of fifties, sixties and seventies era musicians who were arrested (for any reason at all) in or upon entering Canada. I might be overlooking some from the 80s, so feel free to mention those too. They dont have to be particularly famous. They also can be Canadians.

Googling “musicians arrested in Canada” doesnt seem to draw pertinent results. I suspect my search is somewhat inside out; google doesnt collate quite like that.

Once I have names, I can gather the when, where and why. Some things might be harder to ascertain, such as whether they arrived by plane or drove in.

So if you care to mention those facts too, I’d love to hear your take on it. it might spark some interesting conversation in the thread.

Here is the most spectacular example.

He has turned into a stylish old grandmother hasnt he?

Thanks for the link.

Lemmy from Motorhead was arrested when he was with Hawkwind… they went on without him i think

Jimi Hendrix was, May 3, 1969, according to Google.

Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach was arrested in Ontario in 2010 (for biting a bar owner), according to Wikipedia.

Permanently, after that in fact. Lemmy was fired. Thank God or we might have never had Motorhead!

Bite wounds are serious business. Thanks.

Yes, all praise be to Lemmy!

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