Lemmy Kilmister has died

  • You know I’m born to lose and gambling’s for fools
    But that’s the way I like it, baby
    I don’t wanna live for ever
    And don’t forget the joker *

Rest in Power, Lemmy!



Here he is in all his glory, playing what has been my theme song for 30 years now.

I miss you already, Lemmy; RIP.

Well, SHIT.

…from cancer??? Never would have bet on that.

Just reported my duplicate thread.

Anyway, I saw the thread this morning that Meadowlark Lemon had died. I read that as Lemmy, then was relieved that it wasn’t.

Then I saw tonight that Lemmy DID die. :frowning:

He seemed like a nice guy in interviews, and a very heavy drinker who lived a hard life. RIP.

Damn, he hasn’t been doing well the past year or so, and I’ve been dreading this news. He’s with Philthy, raising hell.

RIP Lemmy




Huge loss to music. Huge.

I hadn’t been following that he was ill, so this was a big shock. Sad.

Bridged the gap between punks and metal heads. A musical icon whose importance can’t be overstated.

Damn. :frowning:

I know very, very, very little about Lemmy (or Motorhead for that matter). When I hear the name Lemmy this is ALWAYS the first thing that comes to mind.

Then warts, then Jack Daniels.


RIP Lemmy Glad I got to see him (and Dio) Live opening for Iron Maiden

Loudwire: 10 Unforgettable Lemmy Moments

Damn, he had one hell of a run. Sorry to see him go. Bye, Lemmy!

The only time I’m going to be easy
Is when I’m killed by death

Farewell, Lemmy, until you ride your motorbike out of the grave for us all.

According to the BBC he was only diagnosed 3 days ago :frowning:

He aslo drove a water taxi on his days off. You guys like music? Check these guys out.

If Lemmy was going to get cancer, he was going to get some serious, hardcore cancer.

It’s hard to believe he’s gone, but equally hard to believe he was still alive.


I saw him at the Ozzfest 97, It was nearly 12 hours long on 2 different stages. So after each band everyone would rush over to the other stage, which had been set up while the first band was playing. Motorhead was on the smaller stage, and I was jonesing and following the scent of burning herbage. My quest bought me to the edge of the stage where I got to see Lemmy up close. Well, as up close as you can be to someone right next to you but 5 feet further up. He was even uglier in person than pictures. It was a cool experience, I was literally a foot away from him smoking a bunch of doobies with people I didn’t know 5 minutes earlier. He didn’t seem to notice, but I wasn’t looking at him the whole time, I’d have got a terrible crick in my neck. I was tempted to offer Lemmy a hit but was afraid of getting kicked out. Security searched people on the way in and some were saying theyd confiscate toenail clippers and kick you out. Although you kind of wonder why someone would bring toenail clippers to a rock festival? “Yeah, it’s 12 hours long man. I might need to trim my nails again. And don’t forget your toothbrush!”

Anyway that’s my Lemmy story, I literally smoked a bunch of joints right underneath him.