Music that MUST be felt...

I’m spending my SatanPost (woohoo!) being eeeeeeevil. See, I was inspired by an IMHO thread (sorry, no link) where a respondant stated “Some music is supposed to be felt, not heard.”

Ahhhh. What a thought! Mr. Kitty constantly complains about how loudly I play my music. So I’m making a mix tape Just For Him that will rattle the windows at any volume. :smiley:

Think “Relax.” Think “(You Spin Me) Right Round.” Think “Pressure” (Billy Joel, not Queen/Bowie). Think “Mars (Bringer of War).” Any genre, any artist. Just as long as it’s meant to vibrate anything within a 2 mile radius.

Thoughts, please? [sub]ooohhh, he’s going to KILL me…[/sub]


Fourth Movement of Dvorak’s New World Symphony

Wilson Pickett’s version of “Mama Told Me Not to Come.”

The second movements of Gustav Mahler’s First and Ninth Symphonies, and the third movement of his Second.

“Bringer of War” was going to be the first thing I nominated. More in the classical genre:
“Also Sprach Zaruthstra”
“Beethoven’s Fifth”
“The 1812 Overture”
“O Fortuna”
“Dies Irae”
“Imperial March”, from Star Wars
The hurricane sequence, from Porgy and Bess

And a few others:
Anything by Man of War
“Morning of the Dragon”, from Miss Saigon
“Cursum Perficio”, by Enya

Carmina Burana
In the Mood by Glenn Miller
Bobby Darin’s version of Mack the Knife
Hawaii 5-0 Theme by The Ventures
Jonny Quest covered by the Reverend Horton Heat
Rods and Cones by Blue Man Group

Deicide’s first album, or anything by Pantera. A while back I did a thread in this forum asking for the heaviest metal out there. Search for that, and you’ll have lots of ideas.