Music Trivia Game

I’m not sure if this has been done here before, but I figured it would be fun to give it a go.

Whoever answers the first question correctly gets to ask a question of their own, and so on.

Now you only get to ask a question if you answer a question, otherwise everyone will just be asking all sorts of questions without any incentive to answer.
I’ll go first with a fairly easy one.
Varg Vikernes murdered which member of which band?

David Partridge?

Oystein Aarseth, known as “Euronymous,” of the band Mayhem.

Which member of the Harper Valley PTA asked the singer’s mother out?

Bobby Taylor.

What kind of snare drum did drummer Rick Marotta use for recording the song ‘Peg’?

Old wooden Ludwig with Canasonic heads.

Trent Reznor converted a funeral parlor in New Orleans into a recording studio. What was special about the door to the studio?


No, it’s a regular door. but there’s something really creepy about it.

It is the door that Charles Manson’s gang passed through at Sharon Tate’s house the night they killed her and four others in 1969.

What was Andy Bell’s (of Erasure) job before he joined the group?

He worked at a retail store?

Well, I know he played in a few bands before Erasure, notably one called Dinger (which was a pun on Bell, get it?). They released a single called Air of Mystery that sold only a few hundred copies.

But I suspect this isn’t the answer you’re looking for.

Man, I like all the questions so far, but this 12 hours between answers kinda bites.

i.e. bump

Sorry about that…

I’ll give you a hint:

Think about sharp utensils and a movie by Neil Jordan.

(By the way, this is most definately not the occupation he had RIGHT before joining Erasure, but one that is notorious for trivia reasons)

Just taking a guess - he was a butcher?

Just looked up Neil Jordan on IMDB (never heard of Neil Jordan until 1 minute ago). Anyway, one of his films was the Butcher Boy. I’m probably all wrong - too obvious.

MAN these questions are tough. !!!

What’s weird about the relationship between Randy Meisner and Timothy B. Schmidt?

Mr Blue Sky, is that a new question?
I thought you had to answer a question correctly to ask one.
I don’t even know if RealTronic’s question has been answered yet.

Schmit has replaced Meisner in 2 different bands: first he replaced Meisner as Poco’s bassist, then a few years later, he replaced Meisner as the Eagles’ bassist.

Okay… what musical act immediately preceded Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock?

Sha Na Na! (although originally Johnny Winter was scheduled to close the show, and before Jimi, CSNY was supposed to play.)

brb with a question.

Ok, try this one on for size:

Robert Palmer’s song Addicted to Love was originally recorded as a duet with who?

Chaka Khan.

Bassist Jaco Pastorius did what to enhance his bass-playing?

drink heavily and kick in doors?