Music videos and concert movies

I have noticed that pop music videos these days never keep the camera on one scene for more than a second at a time. They don’t linger on anything visually. I find this annoying. Most pop music these days involves a lot of choreography with many dancers on stage. How can a dance fan enjoy the dancing if he can’t watch any of it for more than a second?

Yesterday, I happened on a recent Madonna tour film showing on Epix. OK, I thought, I’ll turn this on and maybe catch some of her old stuff I like. Yuck! It was produced just like a music video. There was a big stage with many dancers along with Madonna. The audience definitely had a big production to watch, but the home viewer was subjected to a new scene every half second, and all the scenes were tight- one couldn’t see more than three performers at a time even though there may have been twenty on the huge stage at once. The occasional long shot from the nosebleed section that let me know how big the production was also never lasted more than a second until the camera was off to another half-second perspective.

Do people really enjoy this? I think a concert video should give the viewer a feel for the show, not that the show is just another crappy video.