Music videos. Slow down! >:(

Flipped to CMT today and saw a Miranda Lambert video (forget which song, mentions something about putting new strings on an old guitar.) Cute girl and good song, but have country music videos gotten the same disease as rock videos; changing scenes literally every 1/2 second? I HATE that style of video. There are 4 or 5 different locations and the video constantly and rapidly flips between them.

I used to like videos in the 80’s when they were creative and didn’t induce epileptic seizures. Now the good ones are few and far between.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to make a video with 4 or 5 different locations/outfits and constantly switch between them was an idiot. Or at least all the people that copied that first person’s idea.

I hate constant cuts too. It’s not just music videos; it’s also commercials and crappy TV shows. It may be just that I’m getting too old, but my eyes can’t take all the flashing lights and constant refocusing. Fuck it; I’ll just go read.

I’m moving this to Cafe Society. But I’m doing it slowly.

The flashing is stobiscopic, and gives me a headache, and makes my eyes hurt.
The spinnng around a person pan shots are nasty also. It makes me get motion sick.

Movies often do it too; it’s probably become more common since former music video directors sometimes go on to the big screen. I know they think it’s exciting, but sometimes it makes a scene impossible to follow.

Can I blameHype Williams? Please?