Sugarland's "Stuck Like Glue" - anyone else despise this?

Stuck Like Glue.

Ugh. I just…cannot adequately describe my hatred for this vile, wretched song. Pseudo-reggae, cloying, obnoxious, ear-splitting musical yak, complete with fake Jamaican accent. First I had to listen to this same group brutally rape “Life In A Northern Town,” and now, we get more of the same “country” crap.

I have to say, though, about the video: the wretched harpy singer does indeed pull off the “crazy stalker bitch” very well.

Ah, don’t be a hater. Cute song, cuter video.

I don’t care for the video, which is stalker-weird, but the song itself is cute and catchy. There is a YouTube video of the song with the lyrics in a cute font that fits it better.


Let’s see. Song - I rather liked it when I heard it, but it’s getting old REALLY fast. Sigh.

Video - pretty cringeworthy, not cute. But I kept wondering who was playing the unlucky object of her affections, and if it could really be Ryan McPartlin (Awesome from ‘Chuck.’)

I cannot stand white singers pretending to be Jamaican. But this woman really lays it on thick.

A guy at work will actually go around turning off radios if this song (as well as pretty much anything by the band Rascal Flatts) comes on within his range of hearing.

It wears its hooks on its sleeve, so the first time I heard it sounded great. The line about “making me feel like a kid again” is strong.

But after 4 listens, it lost its charm. Aural junk food, but still better than most pop or country hits.

About the only time I hear pop or country radio is during long out-of-town drives, and that’s the reason I’d heard the song. Their version of Life In A Northern Town, I hadn’t heard until just now (went to YouTube), and I’ve got some mixed emotions.

On one hand the guy’s standard issue C&W accent rubs me wrong, and they might be playing up the Norman Rockwell details of the beginning. (Kids drinking lemonade.) OTOH, it’s still an odd mysterious song and not what you’d expect to hear on country radio.

So, it doesn’t add anything to original, but the song writers probably appreciate the royalties.

I liked the guy saying “What the f–” when she showed up at the door.
Sure, it’s a bit creepy, but if you’re offended by it, you’re taking it way to seriously. Lighten up and remember, she’s not really stalking that guy, he’s an actor.
Did the guitarist remind anyone else of Dave Stewart? No, just me, okay, nevermind.

I don’t notice anything particularly Jamaican sounding about the way she’s singing and if you want cod-reggae you can’t beat this.

She only does the pseudo-Jamaican for a few lines in the bridge. It’s probably not the best vocal choice, but the rest of the song is fun. Certainly far from the worst of ‘modern country.’

They should have had Sarah Silverman’s picture on the phone at the end of the video.

I really didn’t like it. I think the OP accurately described it when he said it was “cloying”

The video had a cute conceit for the first minute, though.

Hey, that was Captain Awesome, I think.

The song did nothing for me, but I didn’t hate it.

Haha, that was terrible.

If anyone needs an antidote to get that sugary sweet taste out of your mouth, here you go. (Probably won’t win you any points at work, but no nudity or anything.)

Rather listen to this song than Reba’s cover of “If I Were a Boy”. She’s far too country to say “kick it”. Totally rubs me the wrong way.

Good grief. I meant, of course, Sarah Lancaster.