Musical artists who have their entire catalog on YouTube?

This artist does, all 11 albums. Are there any other established artists* with multiple albums who have ALL their music on YouTube?

  • I’m sure there are garage bands who record in their parent’s basements who have their entire output on YouTube, but that’s not what I’m trying to find out.

I haven’t tried to go through every one of her songs and check if it’s on YouTube, but certainly most of Eva Cassidy’s songs are on YouTube. This is especially interesting since she wrote only a couple of them herself. I think it’s possible to distinguish between “word of mouth” artists like Happy Rhodes or Eva Cassidy whose modest fame came from fans talking about them and “big company hard sell” artists who became really famous because a big musical company decided to push their songs. (This distinction is not based on the talent of the artist, since there are great artists of both sorts.) “Word of mouth” artists tend to have many of their songs on YouTube, since that’s frequently what their fans use to persuade other people to listen to them. “Big company hard sell” artists tend not to have their songs on YouTube, since the big music companies don’t care about word of mouth and don’t want people to listen to their music without paying royalties.

Eva’s a different situation because of course she’s dead (RIP, what a loss). I wonder if her parents, who I assume own her recordings, gave their permission for her songs to be uploaded, or if they just look the other way at fan videos.

Yeah, I still can’t believe Warner (?) pulled all their music from YouTube. I haven’t heard any updates about that situation for a while. I know that fans keep putting up Kate Bush’s songs and they keep getting taken down. It’s like Whack-A-Mole.

When HTR was asked permission if ALL her music could be put up on YouTube, she said, a direct quote: “Sounds cool, go for it” :smiley:

I have no inside word about what Eva Cassidy’s estate thinks about her songs being on YouTube, but I assume that they don’t care enough to pull them. They know that her fandom comes entirely from word of mouth. They know that YouTube is just increasing her popularity and hence increasing her sales in the long run.

Yeah, I still can’t believe Warner (?) pulled all their music from YouTube

Supposedly, Warner and Google reached a licensing agreement this past weekend and Warner music will be up on Youtube.