Musical groups that dress alike

Last night, a friend and I started joking around about this, and came up with marching bands, symphony orchestras, the Beatles c. 1964. This morning I thought of barbershop quartets.

There’s gotta be more…

The Strokes

If you’re looking for types of groups rather than the names of bands–choirs.

The photos of Franz Ferdinand I’ve seen they all seem to be dressed in an early-Beatles-esque “mod” suit and tie combo.

And most other band circa 1964 Beatles, it was the thing to do then, and I’ve heard Brian Epstein had a hard time talking them into it.

lots of rock bands have uniforms or costumes.

Sun Ra and his Arkestra
The Hives
George Clinton & P-Funk
The Red Hot Chili Peppers (the sock tours were awesome, back in the day)
The Partridge Family
pretty much any hair band from the 80s

the list could get quite extensive…


I recently had an opportunity to view some of the costumes worn by the Supremes. Most of their outfits looked much alike. They were also rather flashy and brightly colored.

Blue Man Group takes it to extremes.

As do The Polyphonic Spree.

Yeah, that was the other example – '60s Motown groups.

I was thinking more of generic groups – choirs works.


Any emo, goth or grunge group…ever. :smiley:

The Red Hot Chili Peppers with their socks. :smiley:

The New York Dolls.

The Aquabats

Big Bands. Of these Duke Ellington probably had the coolest outfits (Duke was a real clotheshorse).


You took mine!

Also, Kraftwerk, way back when they used to tour.

What was that group that wore miltary looking uniforms? (Might have been a local scene band…)


They’ve been around for twenty years and have managed to keep their identities a secret for the most part as they always cover their faces with balaclavas or masks at any public appearance.

The Ramones.