Another "Identify The Image From The Description" thread

A couple months ago, I saw a black and white photo which appeared to portray a musical group that gave me an impression they might have been doo-wop or old school R&B. The group was standing outside, but each member had a microphone in front of him. The photo gave the impression that the members of the group were walking forward, toward the camera–though the mics were standing on the ground, not being carried by the members of the group.

I just saw some pictures of the group The Coasters, and thought it might have been them. But a google image search did not turn up the image.

Is this description ringing a bell for anyone?

There’s just too many that it could be. Can you give some idea of the time period? Was it 60s looking? (big afros) 70s looking? (wide bell bottoms) Anything at all to help further?

Huh–I distinctly remember saying this in the OP–yet I see that in fact, I did not.

So I’ll say it now. Fifties, concievably early sixties.

I was thinking The Capitols when I read the OP, but they’re walking to the side of their microphones.

How many people were in the picture?

I think there were 5 in the picture I saw. Definitely at least four. How many were in the Capitols? The only image I could find of them had three people in it. Can you link me to the image you were thinking of?

Here’s what came to mind for me.

Seems like if it was black and white, it almost had to be 1950s. Try Google images for “1950s R&B”.