Help Identify A Circa 1980 Album Cover From A Crudely Drawn Facsimile

If someone can ID this album for me, not only will I be stunned, you’ll truly earn a debt of gratitude. This isn’t a game thread - because I have no idea what the correct answer is either. If you’re wondering why I need to know, lets’ just say it’s a nagging question that’s now turned into a visual ear bug.

This isn’t going to be easy & based on my attempts, Googling won’t help. It might even be more difficult than Rich Mann’s “Have you seen the Thunderbird Photo?” thread in IMHO. The only difference: unlike pterosaurs shot out of the sky, this album really existed.

Here’s a crudely patched together likeness of the album cover in question.

Disclaimer: Sorry, I can’t sketch like Amazon Floozy Goddess

I KNOW this album existed. My cousin had it. The numerous times I’ve asked, begged and pleaded with him if to try and recall the either artist, the title (or even one song from the album) always garners the same response, “How the fuck do you expect me to remember something from that long ago. I was high 24/7 back then and sold my vinyl years ago at a garage sale”.

Here are a few clues I can give (I may not be 100% accurate, but close)[ul][li]The Album is from late 70’s early 80’s[]I thought it was by the band Montrose - but after checking their discography’s album art, it can’t be[]It may have been pictured in Playboy - With mention made of the great cover art and terrible caudio contentThe album featured the legs of a lady wearing a one-piece red bathing suit, sunbathing in a back yard, as shark fins sliced throughout the lawn - cutting the gardne hose attached to a sprinkler - The band’s logo was in one of those glossy silver ‘hard rock’ fonts, ala Spinal Tap[/ul]If the photo link above doesn’t immediately unlock the correct answer in your mind - googling will be fruitless. Any clues, help answers and assistance you can offer will be greatly appreciated![/li]
Thank you
ευχαριστία int. σ’ ευχαριστώ
forma de agradecimento
благодарственное письмо, благодарственный жест (за что-л.)

Thanks for sharing your worm…now it is making its way into my brain.

That looks very familiar. My first thought were The Cars, but thats not it.


How does ‘Great White’ sound?

You’ll have to page down a bit.

Nope, that’s not it - but thanks. The lawn and garden hose were very prominent on the cover.

(I should also add it’s also not an album by a more obscure band called the Landsharks - or the Falafal Mafia - or The Avant Gardeners)

I thought I remembered a Montrose album that looked like that, and after a quick google search here is what I found: Gamma 2
(Ronnie Montose was the guitarist.)

34 minutes for an answer? The Dope ain’t what it used to be. :wink:

Nah, that can’t be it. The sunbather’s supposed to be on the left.

Damn, I think Shoeless just nailed it.

Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

We have a winner. Ethilrist, my left brain over-rode my right brain. Thanks SO MUCH Shoeless…you’ve squashed this bug and I can’t tell you how good it feels!

And you’ve also help prove the adage Googling does work - provided the correct search terms are used. I’m buying it online now…does anyone know if the music sucks as much as I’m expecting it to?

Sorry, can’t help you there. The only Montrose album I ever owned was the self-titled first one (with “Rock Candy”, “Bad Motor Scooter”, etc).

YAAA! The worm is dead.

Well, yeah, this one is.

But what about the name of that actor your buddy asked you about a couple of weeks ago? The one you could totally picture in your head, but you just couldn’t think of their name, except you think the last name started with a J. Or a B. Or shit, was it a P?

Oh yeah, wasn’t he on Law and Order once, a few years ago?

Hey! I resemble that remark! :mad: