Musicals composer Galt MacDermott RIP

Galt MacDermot died on December 17th. While you might not know his name, you probably know one of his songs. He composed several musicals, including one entitled HAIR.

Oh, I recognized the name; how many Galts do you know in a lifetime? One day short of his 90th birthday? Someone got ripped off! Three #1 hits, all from “Hair.” And let’s not forget the main title from, “Hair,” by The Cowsills.

There was a terrific obit for him in The NY Times. In 1967 he was a strait laced, short haired, necktie wearing square, but he composed fine rock-style tunes that were adaptable enough for the actor/singers to improvise around, hippie-style.

He used to live up the street from me.

Well-behaved, never a noise problem, kept his lawn mowed. :slight_smile: