Have you ever had one of those moments that just completely make your week?

Last night, after having gone to a ritual and having an interlude with my ex, he and James and I went to Sky Pub to dance. They played a string of good songs after we got there, but then they fell into a prolonged rut (presaged by their playing my request for “Go West” - but they played the Village People version, not PSB! Whattafuckizzat?) Anyway… round about 2:15 we were getting depressed and irritated… but then -

(insert fabulous atmospheric, piano, trumpet riff here)


Yes, they finally played Mylène Farmer’s “Désenchantée”, which Éric had requested, like, an hour before! Jesus murphy! Éric and James and I dashed over to the stage and jump on (I’d never danced on the stage before), and for the next five minutes I’m absolutely on fire!


Once it’s over I race out of the club and pitch myself onto the pavement and rest and heavy breathe for awhile… I felt like I was in Rick’s Café Américaine and they’d just played La Marseillaise (gratuitous Casablanca reference). I swear, it felt like the whole song was one five-minute-long orgasm! I was as tingly all over as if I’d had some of the most awesome sex of my life. Uh-mazing! We left right after the song (quit while you’re ahead, I figured… besides, it was almost 3:00). I was practically high all the way home and when I got up this morning. Wheeeeeeow.

I adore Mylène Farmer in general and “Désenchantée” in particular. In fact, I’d say it’s one of maybe 5 songs which would be capable of inducing such a musicgasm. The other four are the PSB’s “Go West”, "To Step Aside, and “Up Against It”, and the national anthem.

So what songs can give you guyrls a musicgasm?

For me it would have to be a really well put together vocal house song (yes, house does have to have a good arrangement to sound pleasing, even though it’s all electronic and not traditional instruments), such as ‘Skin’ By Charlotte. I LOVE anything with Brasilian drums (think "La Copa De La Vida’ by ricky martin), and any house song with them joys me. Or, if the song has a really good piano in it, i love that also. Then again if it’s an oldie i particularly love I am in heaven also.

However i don’t get very physically excited though (like jumping up and down, and telling everyone “This is my song!!!”). I have a friend who will rant and rave over a song and how much of a musicgasm it gives him. For me it’s a mental/emotional excitement.

“Oa tu beral haonar kelo, tu faikal gehayun”

Never been THAT excited about any mosic, though there have been many musical epiphanies in my time. Like hearing Jane’s Addiction’s Nothing’s Shocking for the first time. Ditto Queensryche’s Operation: Mindcrime. Also, King’s X put on a show that was so magical and wonderful at The Limelight in NYC sometime in October of 1991 (with a then-young-upstart Alice In Chains opening) that I was moved to tears. I also recall a time when driving to a show at L’Amour in Brooklyn with a friend and WSOU (Seton Hall’s metal radio station) played “Angel Of Death” by Slayer, and my friend cranked it loudly and we both commenced to totally revel in the total evilness of the moment, screaming along, scaring the hell out of my “date” in the car at the time. Don’t know why that sticks out, but it does…

Yer pal,

There’s a point in the Phish song “Guyute” that pretty much blows the roof off the place. It’s like a 15,000-person simultaneous orgasm. (The Phans out there know the point I’m talking about.)

Their music is often built on a “tense-and-release” idea–the jam coming out of “Stash” is a great example. Other jams are built on a protracted crescendo that starts softly and ends furiously (“David Bowie”, “Run Like an Antelope”). Either way, the “musicgasm” isn’t a bad metaphor.

Dr. J

well, these are songs that move me…(small “m”-it takes more than a song to MOVE me. :wink: )
“Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie

“Firewater” by BT
“Lulliby for Gaea” by BT
“Medusa”…I don’t have the CD in front of me, so I can’t write the name of the band, but this is a trance song re-mixed by Cristopher Lawrence on his CD Temptation.

“Hotel California” by the Eagles.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Billy May’s piano work on Sinatra’s version of “One for My Baby.”

Michael Stipe’s scream that concludes “So. Central Rain.”

Springsteen’s similar scream on “Jungleland.”

Astrud Gilberto warbling “I Will Wait for You,” and that little snippet of trumpet at the end.

Bonham & Paige kickin’ in after the dreamy midsection of “Whole Lotta Love.”

“My hovercraft is full of eels.”

The following musical moments (popular music, not classical) move me…

Any time i hear Ofra Haza’s voice
Martin Gore’s voice on ballad type songs…
The slow, pensive Morrissey songs
Most anything by Tori Amos

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

The piano & guitar coda at the end of “Layla.”

“My hovercraft is full of eels.”

Satan, lemme shake your hand. I love Operation Mindcrime, one of the best albums ever made. Suite Sister Mary does it for me, on that album.

Also, Rush’s Cygnus X-1 Part I REALLY makes me trip.

The other day, I downloaded the MP3 of Tori Amos’s version of Smells Like Teen Spirit… GOD that is just beautiful - definite musicgasm to me.

“Good Life” by Francis Dunnery. Red Barchetta by Rush. Telegraph Road by Dire Straits.

Finally, just to stop now because I could go on for hours, one of the most beautiful songs ever made: “The Collector” by Twelfth Night.

A free beer for anyone who knows this band :slight_smile:


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Leo Stokowski’s take on Rimsky-Korsakov’s **


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