Musician dopers, I need help

I’m trying to transcribe a 4 instrument (really simlpe) 4 beat measure.

It consists of a constant 16th note cowbell (the source of my angst) a high hat , a snare, and a kick (bass drum).

The cowbell is really making me mad, since it obscures other sounds, and my hearing ain’t so good.

I need a chart of the pattern in the form of four groups of four (sixteenth notes separated into fours).

I tried to map out the score, and it failed miserably, help?

I don’t think I understand the question. I don’t write much (or very well), but I’ve read a lot of drum music (a long time ago) and all I can think is maybe you haven’t. If that’s the case, then maybe this will help. It is one bar (measure) of drum notation. The cowbell part (what I think you are asking about) is above the staff and in a pretty common form. The high-hat part is straight eighth notes, the bass drum and snare are “rock pattern #2” (I made that last part up).
sixteenth note cowbell part

You should use the drum clef for that, not a treble clef (since your instruments are not pitched and your notation does not correspond to pitches)-- something that looks like this.

Otherwise, I’m not exactly sure what the OP is asking.

Wish I could help – I don’t really write drum parts, although I’m familiar with the manner in which they are scored. It sounds to me like you’re asking two things above, though: how to notate the rhythms accurately; and how to get around the masking effect of the cowbells. I’d use a good EQ to filter some of the sounds that get in your way, and I would personally (given that I’m not experienced with notating complex polyrhythms) slow down the track maybe by 50% using something like Transcribe! (which has a good EQ filter as well).

It probably would have helped if I had included a link to the page that plays the track in question. :smack: Sorry.

Can anyone chart it?

I think I hear the kick on the one, the e of the third beat, and the a of the fourth beat. I think the snare is on the 2, the a of 2, the 3, and the a of the third beat.

All sixteen notes would be 1e&a 2e&a 3e&a 4e&a if counted aloud.

~60 bpm

Cowbell on all 16ths

Kick on 1, 3, 3a, 4a

Snare on 2, 2a, 3e, 4

Hi-hat on 1&, 2&, 3&, 4&