Musicians (especially drummers): please tell me about these cymbals (quality, value, etc.)

We’re visiting my mother-in-law at the moment, and she asked my wife about a set of three cymbals in the basement of her house. The cymbals belonged to one of my wife’s old boyfriends. They were together about 15 years ago. He left them behind when they separated, and my wife had just left them at her mother’s place.

Anyway, apparently a handyman who had recently done some work at the MIL’s place had asked about buying them, so my MIL asked my wife if she wanted to sell them. None of us are musicians, though, and don’t really know much about this sort of thing, so my wife asked me to post here about it.

The cymbals are Zildjian brand, which her old boyfriend told her were a good brand, but that’s about all we know.

There are, as i said, three cymbals.

One is a 20" Medium Crash
One is a 22" Medium Ride
The third has no label to indicate its type, but it seems (to me at least) identical to the 22" Medium Ride. It is the same size and shape, anyway.

The last one has somewhat different markings than the first two. It has no label on top of the cymbal, and a different Zildjian label on the bottom.

Here are some pics:

20" Medium Crash (top)
22" Medium Ride (top)
22" Unknown (bottom; no writing on top)

All three symbols have the following information stamped into their top side:


They are all a little dusty and dirty from sitting in a basement for ten years (although they were all in a padded vinyl cymbal bag), but none of them seem to have any dings or nicks or other damage that might compromise their sound. I’m not an expert, though, and it could be that there’s something i’ve missed.

Anyway, if anyone knows how much something like this should be worth, i’d appreciate the input. We have no use for them, and if someone wants them we’d be happy to sell them. We also don’t need to extract every last penny from them, but we also don’t want to give them away.

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You are looking at a line of cymbals that Zildjian has dropped(I think), either way they are not super valuable. That said cymbals are expensive and Zildjian is a premier brand, they seem to be in great shape, to replace each would cost between 150 and 200 bucks, some possibly more some possibly less and the bag could cost 60 or more. You might want to look at Guitar Center, Musicians Friend or Sam Ash online and get a better idea of prices. but I think about half replacement value would be fair. BTW I work in the music biz for a living


What he said. Nothing to add.

Thanks for the info. I’ll look around on those sites, and i might also check out Craigslist to see if there are any similar cymbals being offered for sale.

Craigslist isn’t always a good indicator, because some people have an inflated sense of the value of their stuff, but it might give me an idea of what the market is like.

Off the Zildjian web site MSRP $329.95

and guitar center