musings on a mostly unused charter membership

I just renewed my charter membership for another two years, even though I’m almost never here anymore.

It feels like letting go of my charter membership would be letting go of an important part of my past. I used to be here a lot. This was where I really learned how good internet communities could be. This place was my college years. It was where I first interacted with a lot of people who were different from me. It was where I stopped being homophobic. It was where I began my journey to stop being transphobic. It was where I learned that there ARE other opinions out there that are VALID and that I might still not agree with. It was were I took my first baby steps into being able to talk to other people like a normal person, even though I wouldn’t be finally diagnosed with and treated for social anxiety disorder until a couple of years ago.

This place was an education, in other words. An education that I mostly didn’t have to pay for. So I guess it feels right to pay for it now, especially now that Cecil isn’t writing anymore and the SDMB seems to be coasting on goodwill.

No idea if anyone still here remembers me. I didn’t post much (social anxiety, remember?). I mostly read. But I did that a lot, and I felt like I knew a lot of people who probably had no idea who I was.

I’ve drifted away, and that’s okay. I haunt other places now that I will probably also drift away from someday. But none of them will ever be as special to me as the SDMB. So I still can’t fully let go.

I’ll try to check in here more every now and then. Like visiting an old school. Noting how it’s changed. Meeting new students and discussing my experience. Shaking hands with old professors who gave me a hard time, but it was for my own good.

Love y’all, really.

Hi Loopus!

I remember you! Welcome back!

Hey! I remember you too! :smiley:


It sounds like it’s been $7.50/yr well-spent. Come, stay. Or leave, and come back when you will. The door’s always open.


I just skimmed through your old threads. Don’t worry, it’s just a thing I do. I’ll be reading them all.
You seem interesting. Hang around.

b. off to do some light reading :smiley:

I remember when I gave up a personalized license plate that I thought was the coolest, but just didn’t have a vehicle to transfer it to that made any sense.

Bummed out for a about a week. But they still hang on my wall. And I save $100 every year I don’t renew them.

I kinda like being a Guest now-a-days.