Muslim Brotherhood gets a Pass (Burning Christian Churches)-Why?

I read that the Muslims of Egypt have a problem with their Christian compatriots-over five major Coptic churches have been burned down in the past three years. also, hundreds of Copts have been murdered. Why does the media not report this?
I realize that Muslims face unjustified prejudice, but surely such violence against Christians is unjustified? Why doesn’t the UNCOHR say anything about this?

What do you mean by “gets a pass?” I’ve heard two separate stories on the news about this just today. You obviously know about it. What is this some different definition of the media not reporting on something?

They’re not.

That was easy.

Perhaps the OP means that while the stories have been reported, they haven’t been particularly emphasized. Perhaps the OP envisions that if the gravamen of the stories were reversed – that is, in a Christian-controlled country, if Islamic worship centers were burned in the last year, the media would report this fact with more attention, ire, or ink devoted to the reporting.

I have no idea, of course, and can’t speak for the OP. But that would be my best guess of what he means.

My understanding of Egyptian culture (from friends living/visiting there and personal experience with a few nationals) suggests this sort of behavior will get the MB the opposite of “a pass” by the majority of Egyptians regardless of their personal beliefs.

This is a new, and still developing story. I’d say it’s getting the amount of coverage any such story would get at this point.

You may well be correct – I just stopped in to try to turn a train wreck of absolutism into something at least worth discussing. I have no clue about any of the details. :slight_smile:

Presumably as each of these five events have occurred over three years, they have been reported. (Now if five major churches were burned down in one night and that was ignored by the media, you might have a case.)

The military attacks the Muslim Brotherhood. In “reprisal” (as Agence France Presse puts it) the Islamists torch Coptic Christian Churches. I guess they should be excused - after all, there are very few synagogues left to burn in Egypt.

So if the media isn’t reporting it. how did you read about it?

CNN is reporting a spate of Christian churches being stormed, torched last night.

Attacks on 52 churches in 24 hours deserves press attention. has the story on its front page. The reporting out of Egypt is still developing and perhaps other networks will focus on this aspect.

Credit where credit is due — they’re only reporting it because ralph asked questions.

Where to start? “The Muslims of Egypt” don’t have a problem with Christians, some Muslims in Egypt have committed hateful crimes against Christians. BUT, other Muslims in Egypt have risked their lives to protect Egyptian Christians: Sic et Non -

So my question is, why didn’t you know this, if this is a topic important to you?

There have been claims that there has been an epidemic of burning of black churches in the U.S. There have been claims that there has been no such thing, just a few random incidents. Has this been resolved? It hasn’t? If we can’t resolve whether there has been any such thing in the U.S., how can we resolve whether there has been such in Egypt?

ralph124c, don’t you have anything to say about what’s been said?

Here’s an article that some Egyptian friends posted on Facebook about churches being burned.

Another friend is a journalist in Luxor and after he got back from covering a protest two days ago, he was telling me that the crowd was cheering and chanting about killing Christians and Jews. You’ve got pro-Morsi protesters on the news declaring that this is a war on Islam (which is perhaps the most ludicrous thing in the entire world, given the demographics of Egypt) and this is the result of that. It’s terrible, but sadly not unexpected.

All that said, I have seen a definite pro-“Pro-Morsi” slant in the western media’s portrayal of this, which is really, really strange to me. If I had to guess, that’s likely why you aren’t seeing as much reporting on this, but it still makes absolutely no sense to me. I understand the western perspective of being inherently distrustful of military regimes and, ya know, governments in general, but how anyone can look at what’s happening in Egypt and sympathize with the Brotherhood at this point is just beyond me. While the MB originally had what was perhaps a position of moral righteousness with regard to the protection of legitimate democracy, they can’t ever come back from everything they’ve done in the last month.

I’ve got friends on both sides, so it’s interesting to see how polar opposite they see things from one another. One pro-Morsi friend has had a really bizarre evolution over the last month-- he started fairly reasonable, explaining that this is about democracy and he’ll fight for that, despite not having a particularly favorable opinion of the MB. Now, he’s ranting and raving that this is all a huge plot by the military-- that the MB and pro-Morsi folks haven’t committed even a single act of violence. He claims that the protesters are entirely peaceful. When I bring up . . . you know, everything that’s happened on film, he claims that the military is planting people into the crowds to do that and it’s not the real protesters.

While I may have started with at least a little sympathy for the pro-Morsi folks claims to democratic legitimacy, that’s long gone after watching this situation closely. Horrifying.

All Muslims are given the right to attack a certain number of Christians without retaliation by Jesus.

Yeah, right. That’s one of the stupidest statements I’ve seen on this board in quite a while.

I think he means “gets a pass” in the traditional right-wing Christian fundamentalist sense of “haven’t been wiped off the planet by the combined techno-industrial might of all the God-fearing Western democracies in a crusade led by the United States of Freedom”!

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Book of Retribution, Chapter 3, verses 14-15.