Muslim Woman Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

My preacher uses every opportunity since spring to go on about the world-wide threat of Islam. He makes it seem like all things Muslim are inherently evil. I have argued with him that he is wrong, Muslims are just people, like you and me. A Muslin zealot attacked our country for no good reason. In retaliation we have attacked the Muslim country where he resided. We have gone on to attack another Muslim country for no good reason. We are trying to force our way of life on them and they rebel. I say it’s just leaders showing off their balls for the world to see. I can’t wait to show my preacher this, [URL=] A Muslim woman being awarded this honor shows that there is in fact good everywhere.

… and that Iranians are making an effort to change things from within… when they do get a better government that will be a good example for other middle easterners.

 Good choice for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Today on NPR I had the good fortune of listening to her interview. She is a strong and brave woman. She is returning to Iran despite the death threats she has recently recieved. Lets all hope she is safe.
I’m not sure I could be that brave in her situation. But maby…

This is a wonderful gesture, and I think it’s making a political point about encouraging change from within.

Alas, it is just a titular honour - it didn’t do much for Aung San Suu Kyi.

I see some people - Lech Walesa, amongst others - are annoyed that the Pope didn’t get the peace prize. No disrespect to the Pope (well, not much, anyway), but this woman is much more deserving. A really valuable and important gesture - and it makes the point that the Nobel still matters.

Agreed, Lola. The Pope isn’t putting his life on the line while he tells Brazillians to avoid using condoms in their overpopulated cities where homeless children are murdered every day.

Let us all hope that this woman’s enemies will be given second thoughts about killing such a high profile person. Have the official Iranian propaganda organs even bothered to recognize this great achievement for one of their countrymen, or are they still shockingly quiet about it?

The Iranian media has mentioned it, they just won’t discuss it in any sort of detail.