IAEA, ElBaradei wins Nobel peace prize

Reuters article


So, he won the prize for trying to do his job? ISTM that Bush and co. had more of an effect and was more zealous in doing that job. Not that I think Bush should win a peace prize. Than again, I do realize that the nuclear proliferation issue has been more of an issue than anytime during my lifetime. Maybe he has to do “hard work” compared to his predecessors.

It is funny though that in my job revue you have five levels in grading your performance. Any thing less that the best grade, exemplary, and it ends up being a bad mark on your record. You would think that the international community would be even more stringent in the revue of the world’s nuclear watchdog than a credit cared company is to it’s employees.

Him winning meant that the muppet known as Bono didn’t so I’m happy.