Muslims in space!

If you’re a Muslim and about to become an astronaut or even a space passenger, this is important reading, so I thought I pas it along.

religious rules for Muslims in space

I would imagine facing Mecca to pray might be problematic if the spaceship is rotating or if the prayer was long enough that the orientation kept changing. Drives a devout Muslim crazy, I’m sure.

For a minute there, I wondered if History of the World, Part 3 was coming out.

You mean the subject didn’t remind you of the Muppets? I must be slipping. Or getting old.

Since the subject reminded me of Mel Brooks, I don’t think you’re slipping - I’m probably just older than you. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s easy to laugh at the Muslims over this because it seems kind of silly, but it does point up something that I think needs to be remembered in this country – namely that Islam is a highly flexible religion. It’s not a religion of monomaniacs as it’s often portrayed. There’s a wide variation in what’s considered acceptable, and the religion freely adapts itself to new circumstances – even space, as it happens.

Will sure drive 'em crazy, Cletus!

Seems rather straight forward to me.

It’s easy to laugh at Muslims because they ARE silly. Laugh away!

Something in your post makes me suspect you haven’t read the Koran much. “Highly flexible”? Infidels are not tolerated unless, of course, they are in the majority. :dubious: But that’s temporary, since Allah wills otherwise. How flexible is a religion that accepts no others and commands all followers to kill anyone that objects?

Sorta like 11th Century Christians, no?

(Want cites? I got 'em by the holy bookfull. Ask and you’ll be sorry. :slight_smile: )

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You know, I’ve met a lot of Muslims, and none ever tried to kill me.

Apparently they didn’t follow the teachings of Mohammed. Reformed, perhaps. Yep, that’s the ticket.


Touche’ RickJay.

Can we stop this shit please?

“observe peace with other beings”

Other space beings? I may convert.

Assuming a 90 minute orbital period for the spacecraft, that would result in 16 dawns/dusks and sixteen times the usual number of 5 prayers per day rituals he’d have to go through, or 80 prayer sessions in a 24 hour period.

As the prayer ritual takes about 10 minutes to perform, that would mean he’d need to pray for 800 minutes per day.

That still leaves him ten hours per day to conduct scientific experiments. More than enough time for him to help advance the cause of science.

From the link:
“Praying five times a day can be calculated in a 24-hour duration according to the time zone from where the astronaut was launched — in this case, Baikonur, Kazakhstan.”

As I said, rather straightforward.

Not Only that, but with your username, I saw the thread as “Muslims in Space! the musical”

Hey! Not a bad idea! Anyone want to try their hand at a sample verse from the hit song, “Rebecka, My Mecca”?