Must I be gay to appreciate Depeche Mode?

I’m listening to the Bloodhound Gang song “I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks” right now.

One of the lines expresses the singers desire to be gay so that he could “appreciate Depeche Mode”. What does this mean?

I happen to like Depeche Mode, and I’m straight. Am I missing something?

Do homosexuals really have a higher and more comprehensive understanding of their music than heterosexuals?

“I don’t want to sound like a queer or nothin, but Depeche Mode are a pretty sweet band”

I’m straight and I like me some Depeche Mode. Not a huge fan, but I’ve really enjoyed the couple of albums I’ve heard. I find it odd that there is more than one pop culture refence to a link between Depeche Mode and being gay. Could the Bloodhound Gang be referring to the Orgazmo quote or vice versa?

Best thread title in a long time.

I think it may be the Bloodhound Gang who are missing something.

DM are my favourite band and I have to report that I am straight so apparently the correlation is far from perfect.

DM did play around (and still does to some extent) with styles and fashions that may be perceived by some as being “gay”. They had a period when they used a lot of leather and chains back in the 80s Martin Gore had a period when he wore dresses on stage as well. Like a lot of other new romantic and synth bands in the 80s they used makeup as well which again will be interpreted as being “gay”.

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Another straight DM lover chiming in.
This is actually the first time I hear this.

What’s funny about this is a good friend of mine has produced Depeche Mode - and worked a lot with Vince Clarke, who was a founding member and went on to Alison Moyet (Yaz) and Erasure. All the DM members are married and/or have girlfriends.

I think it was just a reference to the leather/synth/euro look and feel that DM has had - can seem a bit gay-ish I suppose. Also, their stuff is very dance-able…

You mean to tell me I’ve been gay for the last year and didn’t even know it? I wonder if Iris knows, and I wonder where that baby came from then. I best go put on some Judas Priest now to get rid of the gay.

I can’t see how anyone could say something like that, I’ve been listening to them for the last year or so, thanks to Iris and haven’t heard anything that suggests that they are gay. Hell I have found more gay subtext in Priest songs then I have in Depeche Mode songs.

Psst, Ed, Rob Halford is gay.

**Must I be gay to appreciate Depeche Mode? **

Honey, no, but it suuure helps.

I’m an incorrigible heterosexual who owns all of Depeche Mode’s albums. I also have all of Erasure and the Pet Shop Boys, and I haven’t caught The Gay yet and if those won’t flip you nothing will.

So, no.

pssst, he knew that. It was a joke.


Uh oh. Better sing someting really butch!

Another straight guy over here and I own about 80 Depeche Mode cd’s. Interestingly enough, in my dealings with other fans, I’ve found few gay people. Aside from the 80’s “dress” type moments, they’ve really given no indication toward homosexuality even in their music, either, with numerous references to women (i.e. “Oh, girl, lead me into your darkness…”) and a new song called “Lilian”. I have, however, noticed a much larger gay fanbase for Erasure, who I also love. That’s to be expected, though.

I do like that song by the Bloodhound Gang, though, and it should be noted that Jimmy is a huge Depeche Mode fan, as well. There are samples from “People are People” in their track “Boom”. Also, “The Ballad of Chasey Lain” has the EXACT same vocal melody (different key, though) as Depeche Mode’s “Sea of Sin”.

All the people I know who are really into Depeche Mode are straight.

All girls, but straight.

So maybe some of the straight guys who like DM are in danger of catching … The Girl!

I was 50/50 on whether he was joking.

If he really wanted to be clear, he could have said “I put on some Queen to get rid of the gay.”

And, I only say that because I knew lots of guys who were totally in Priest and thought they were uber-macho, all while not knowing where Halford like to plug his micrphone in.

I don’t know Ed the Head well enough to know if he was being subtle or stupid.

I was being both actually. I could have said I’d put on the Queen, but I haven’t gotten around to putting them on my iPod, I’m not sure if I want the Priest and Queen to turn it pink just yet.

BTW I like the pluging in of Halford’s microphone bit, I’ll have to use that the next time someone brings up Halford being gay.

I wouldn’t take anything the Bloodhound Gang says too seriously.

Finding gay subtext in Priest’s catalog doesn’t require any effort, though.

The Monarch: Hey! Isn’t that the guy from Depeche Mode? I hear he’s… you know.
Dr. Girlfriend: Nope.
The Monarch: What?!
Dr. Girlfriend: Straight as an arrow.
The Monarch: But he’s the guy from Depeche Mode!
Dr. Girlfriend: Nope, I heard it on VH1’s “Behind the Music.”
I’ve never listened to Depeche Mode nor could I pick any of them out of a line-up. Maybe I’m just young.