Must-see TV!

I’m getting out my popcorn for Monday night. I can’t wait to find out what new bile Trump will throw up all over the other candidates…and I hope Hillary doesn’t rise (stoop) to it. My money’s on some condescending sexist comment from him.

I’d like to see a four-on-one tag team match, but that’s not going to happen. Everyone will have to get in his/her digs against everyone else.

Well, Trumpy Wumpy is the only candidate I know of with wrestling experience, so a type of tag team could happen. :smiley:

It would have been useful to tell us what you were actually talking about.

As far as I can tell after some Googling, with the cancellation of the March 21 Fox News Republican debate, CNN has some vague plans to do separate live and/or taped interviews with the individual candidates Monday night. Doesn’t sound especially newsworthy, unless I’m missing something.

Eh I’m disappointed now. The CNN hype gave me to believe it was going to be debate style. Nevermind…