Must/should my YouTube alcohol reviews be 18+?

I plan to start doing beer and booze reviews on YouTube. Should I proactively mark them 18+?

Even if it’s not strictly necessary according to the rules, should I anyway? Personally, I am not too concerned about maximizing views on these. And I don’t want to be talking to young people about liquor.

Also, if you have any other advice on how to deal with the 18+ thing, thanks for that!

I don’t think it’s necessary, or productive, but if it makes you feel better go for it.

Personally, I feel that if we must label things, descriptive labels (this contains x) are better than age based ones.

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Newspapers and magazines routinely review various forms of alcohol and can be purchased, or read at the library, by children. They don’t bother with disclaimers or warnings, so I don’t think you need to.

OK, makes sense, thank you.

Avoid leading with “hey kids, wanna try something cool?”

IME, sub-18 year olds aren’t particularly interested in the bouquet of a Cabernet Sauvignon, or the leather and vanilla notes in a bourbon. So unless your reviews are of the “It’s pretty cheap, will get you drunk, tastes OK, and is stocked by the packy off 6th street where you can always find a friendly wino willing to buy for kids as long as he gets an extra $10” variety, I think a warning is unnecessary.

I watch some drinking videos regularly (the host gets pretty drunk before filming, then continues pounding Four Loco or similar while talking to the camera). No warnings at the beginning of those videos.

If you’re concerned about being socially responsible, I’d suggest an “Enjoy in moderation and never drink & drive” type thing would be better.