Mustard vs. ketchup

Mustard wins – if it’s prepared.

Mustard totally wins! It’s all acidic and stuff. Far stronger than ketchup!

What do you mean “prepared”? As in home-made?

Hell, I love supermarket-brand yellow mustard. Great stuff.

I think “prepared”=ready. As in “prepared to fight.”

My vote’s on Catsup.

Why do you say that, Mr. Blue Sky?

Mustard. But, when they combine powers… oooh… they’re unstoppable. :smiley:

Wouldn’t you like to know? :smiley:
Oh, wait a minute, you would.

[stoner voice] cos, cats are cool, man[/stoner voice]

It depends on what you’re putting them on. Mustard is the only couth choice for a hot dog. but a burger needs ketchup.

Prepared mustard. I think the Boy Scouts invented it.

Not true! It needs some spicy mustard and onions.

Mustard isn’t supposed to be edible, is it?

One vote: ketchup.

Ketchup by a nose.

As much as I love mustard I’ve never been pissed over being out of it.

Ketchup … catsup. Ketchup … catsup.

I’m in over my head!

mustard is good, ketchup is good.

hard to choose… and why isnt this in MPSIMS?

I’ll pick mustard, since i love it’s sister honey mustard.


With the exception of honey mustard sauce, mustard has no place in my life. (Honey ketchup sauce? Err…no.)

Barbecue sauce!

Mustard kicks the living hell out of ketchup, catsup, ketsup or anyother spellings when it’s going on meats.

The tomato product works better on fried potatoes though.

Honey and ketchup is good on chicken nuggets. Yum.

I like both, myself.

Mustard for ham sammiches and pork fritters (tenderloins).
Ketchup for everything else. (my Dad puts it on Ham and Beans :eek: )