Mutant Butterflies from Radiation from Fukushima in Japan

Didn’t they already make this monster movie? Tokyo Tower got toppled and a coccoon built in it, IIRC, and there was a plague of duet-singing miniature twin women.

Seriously, though:

I thought bugs had higher tolerance for radiation.

Maybe that’s only the dry crunchy bugs, and not the squishy wet ones like butterflies.

I predict that the SyFy Channel will produce and show a “Cannibal Butterfly” movie within the next six months.

And he shall be called… Butterbal

hmm… That sounded a lot scarier in my head.

This doesn’t worry me.

When it begins affecting the moths, then I’ll worry.

How much is this going to affect the whole breed and stock of butterflies in the region? One of the recent generations had a 50-something% mutation rate among offspring. Will that number peak or just keep growing until eventually every butterfly is mutated in some form?

You’ll know that they’ve mutated into evil beings when some of them have satanic markings on their bodies. Oh, maybe a death’s head.

Lucky for us, natural selection will select out the beneficial or neutral mutations, as anything unviable will kill them off. So, naturally they’ll keep mutating toward producing man-eating caterpillars the size of dobermans.

They gone mutated straight to bein’ a snake!

The important thing to take away from this story is, radiation is our friend.

If you read their wings backwards they spell out the name of the devil in Ukrainian.

I read somewhere that they have been dumping excess radioactive water into the ocean to the tune of some 7 million gallons. I think we are going to be experiencing the effects of this disaster for some time to come. Same as the BP oil spill. They have brushed it under the rug, but I think the full effects have yet to hit us.

Here is some amateur news footage of the mutant buffterfly.