mx-6*, If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

It has become painfully apparent to me, mx, that you cannot handle a civilized debate. Of course, I am talking about this thread where I answered politely to your comments and asked for some evidence. You answered me by saying you DIDN’T need to show me a cite and by attacking me personally. The SDMB is supposed to fight ignorance, not to spread it around like Jerry Springerseed. These actions are seen as very “troll-esque” and discredits your intelligence. When all you have is words in front of you, people can only make conclusions based on the way you act. So mx, if you have noticed, I do not attack you in the thread metioned above or in this OP, I react your statements and ask for proof where I feel I need proof.
So, mx if you can’t handle the guidelines needed to have a intelligent debate without resorting to grade-school immaturity of “Nuh-uh!” then, don’t debate.


Word of advice to the newbie, its not a good idea to throw troll around, Im not aware of all that was said, but if you have suspicions, e-mail a Mod or an Admin, they handle these kind of things.

And kudos for taking it to the pit, ya fuckwad.

A Pit thread? Spawned by a series of three posts, one of which was yours? mx-6* doesn’t seem like the brightest bean in the barrel, but Jeezum Crow, this is light-weight material. I think you’re a little quick on the Pit-thread trigger, Merc.

THe first post was quasi-worthy of a Pit thread based upon sheer stupidity and utter irrelevance to the discussion at hand, but only quasi-worthy. But you went and replied, so of course mx6-whatever* responded back.

You forgot the upside-down exclamation point at the beginning of the subject, and a regular exclamation point at the end… you’re slacking Mercutio.

In two threads I’ve been involved in, mx-6* has demonstrated that he firmly believes in personal abuse and that he has no obligation to support his sweeping generalizations with any thing as pedestrian as facts:

In the second of the two threads, his attacks on me got to the point that I came to the conclusion he had a personal problem with me, and I invited him to start a Pit thread about me so we could have it out. He refused.

While none of his comments may be individually Pit-worthy, I think in combination they are. Besides which, he’s a moron.

BTW, don’t call him “son”. He really hates that :wink:

The first thread I linked should have been this one:

Mea culpa.


What would Al Gore do?, where mx-missile, among other things, repeatedly accuses David B of being a troll.

Yep, mx-6 made my “troll 'o the month” with that post. Not only was it off topic, but at least parts of it (a good number of the “to be a liberal” notes) were written by someone else.

It boggles the mind…


Well, at least he put the smilies in :confused: !?!?

I was waiting for [Moderator Hat: ON] but David just left. I would have looked for my quiver of fire arrows: Kills Trolls Dead.

Good God, aynrandlover -
This moron’s accusing DAVID B. of being a troll!!!
Don’t he see them big, bad letters m-o-d-e-r-a-t-o-r under his name?
Talk about a death wish. Man, I should hurry over and flame the idiot quickly, afore he gets banned.


At least he’s amusing. You know, the same way a mentally deranged madman who’s in the middle of one crazy acid trip running around on fire just before he falls off a cliff is amusing.

You people are quite hillarious!! :D:D

WTF are you talking about Mercutio? I replied to your post in the same form that you replied to mine. Is that so wrong? I didn’t attack you personally. If you took it that way then I am so sorry that you are too sensitive.

As for those asking why I called Davd B a troll and why he left, it was beacuse he WAS being a troll. Read the thread. I asked a serious question and instead of answering it he decided to make it sound like no one cared. My point was that since everyone was on GW’s back about every little decision then what would Al Gore have done? I’m sorry that David B. deemed that my question was unimportant to him but it was still my question. Not his, though he tried to take over the thread with his own questions. It was still my thread. So I was thinking WTF is this guy’s problem. If no one replied to the thread then I could understand but he didn’t need to Troll.

And YES, I saw the big bad m-o-d-e-r-a-t-o-r under his name. Should that matter when being trolled?

And Short, I got that “to be a liberal” from somewhere else. Nice try though.

Sua is very funny. I am pretty sure that Sua knows that his posts were what caused my remarks. Sua actually believes that since we can make long-distance phone calls and use the internet that we are more free than we were 100 years ago.


Do either of these things have anything to do with freedom??

WTF ??? I thought troll calling was out and that if we thought someone was a troll we were supposed to a) not feed it and b) notify the powers that be. Or is this only for socks ?

I am so confused now.

BTW mx-6*, you must have a set of balls the size of grapefruits. I have been posting here for over a year and DavidB still scares the piss out of me. I try to hide my very existance from the man.

Aw, he ain’t too bad… if you have a really, really thick wall 'tween you and him.

And mx… well… like I said, burning madman about to fall off a cliff.

Well David B can be a little trollish at times:)

Well, I was in that thread (still am, I guess).

You see, for the dopers who have been here a while they sometimes have a distaste in rehashing the same debates over and over again. Often times, when we young’uns post a new topic we will get assaulted by links to previous threads, as in, “Been there, done that, move along please. Nothing to see here.” Other posters don’t mind rehashing, or perhaps weren’t involved the first five times through.

david b and stoid were merely expressing that the topic seemed to have been talked to death just very recently (which it was, just a month or so ago). They weren’t “trolling”, merely expressing a meta-opinion (not an opinion on the thread but about it :D).

You, on the other hand, were trolling them by saying whatever it took to elicit a response. They were at least on topic in some regard, and expressed their comments (one, it didn’t matter, two, we’ve already done it).

You had some decent things to say apart from that, so I wasn’t extra-concerned, but lay off the remarks about the people, man.

“Sua actually believes that since we can make long-distance phone calls and use the internet that we are more free than we were 100 years ago.”

Yep, and he wasn’t alone in that, either. Crazy as it seems.

You’re an odd duck, son. You actually typed the above as a justification of your conduct? Let me get this straight:

You disagree with someone’s position; therefore you launch personal attacks against them.

Remind me not to let my daughters date you. I don’t want you beating them because they want onion rings instead of fries.


Some of you take yourselves a little too seriously around here. I.E. Sua.

Sua takes my remarks as an insult yet has no problem using the “son” reference as if that is any less insulting.

You are quite odd yourself to imply that my defending myself is wrong while you are perfectly justified in calling names to defend yourself.

Odd duck??

BTW, Why would your son date one of your daughters?
Oh and here is your reminder, Dad. You wouldn’t want your daughters to date me because you never know if she might prefer onion rings over fries and she might get beat for having her own opinion. :confused:

Shit, maybe you should stay away from my mom as well then. :wink:

Whatever mx is on, I want some. I find basic logic and sanity way too boring.

So pass the bowl, man!