"My advice would be for people not to climb into appliances"

Sometimes I really love this country:


So this silly bugger is in a fairly small rural town (about 7000 people). Everyone in the district will pretty soon know who this was. I wonder what his new nickname will be?



I would stick to that story doggedly.

Is Victoria Australian for Florida?

No, that’s Queensland.

Well, they both have a Melbourne…

Sound advice if you ask me.

Maybe he was planning on doing ALL of his laundry, got confused, left the clothes in front of the machine and climbed in. That would be my story. An honest mistake. Like when you forget you have a really sharp knife in your hand and go to swat the spider on the back of the idiot holding up the express line. 10 times. Quickly.

Like that’s never happened to you…

I think we all know what happened here.
He fell on it.

Has anyone told Indiana Jones?

Speed Queen.

I don’t undestand-- how? What kind of machine?

And I thought it was bad when I caught my thumb in the wringer last week.

Large top loader washing machine, as I understand it.


And when he knocks on his mate’s door, they’ll say: Come in Spinner

Different providence, but Australian as dingo dongers.


Clearly, he was washing his birthday suit.

For some reason, I mis-read the OP as referring to a dishwasher and had a slightly different mental image.

Not better, mind you. Just different.

Utah girls climb into washing machines too. I think she wanted to wash her clothes while wearing them. :wink:

Dammit, I meant provenance of course.


I can see an eleven year old girl crawling in while playing hide and seek (although my kids outgrew hide and seek years before that and had been warned about crawling into the appliances) - a grown man?

Why not? Mythbusters did it.