My Alcoholic Raccoon

When I lived in Kentucky we had a raccoon come back annually for several weeks for some alcohol. She would waddle up the deck and start pawing on the window and the family would dish up some beer and feed it. Well, one year I was sitting on my deck and I see the raccoon making its pilgrimage, but this time I see 5 more little tails coming through the brush. Oh no, I thought, that’s 5 more beers, talk about inviting yourself to a party :stuck_out_tongue: . The raccoons see me on the deck and the big raccoon comes forward to the deck as the little ones scamper up the tree, peering their heads around the side waiting for the outcome. I decide not to give it any and they all left, after that year I moved, but I bet they came back the next year for more.

So, my question is, how much alcohol would it actually take to get a raccoon drunk? She would drink a whole beer, but surely for that little gal, she had to be smashed.

Do raccoons have hangovers?

Is it legal to feed alcohol to animals?

Did I do any damage to it with alcohol?

Where did the raccoon go after that week of heavy drinking? They don’t hibernate do they?