My Antigravity Device.

When I was still a child–circa age 12, 13 or 14–I would come up with these invention ideas–futuristic things, usually. I never took them seriously, they were usually just flights of fancy when I got bored . But one of them (there are many more) was for an antigravity flying device. Please feel free to tell me what you think of it.

SIMPLE CONCEPT: Blimps use large helium balloons to give themselve buoyancy to fly. Then they just need propellers and the like to maneuver. My idea use a large block of antimatter to give yourself buoyancy. I reasoned antimatter is the opposite of matter, so therefore gravity must repel it. I’m still not sure of this, though. You of course would need a magnetic containment field a la Star Trek. The advantage of this device is that, unlike the blimp, it could be small–perhaps the size of car.

In a somewhat cruder invention, I use kinetic energy to escape gravity. I envisioned a weight swinging in an elliptical orbit. Each time it swings in one direction, it thrusts in that direction. Kinda crude, but it might make an interesting toy?

(If you like these inventions, my next thread will be on Einsteins theory of time dilation and food preservation. I started coming up with that idea when I was 12. I wonder if there is any money in these things.)


I tell ya, it’s not gonna work. I’m still here.


<Briefly imagines shoving a brick of antimatter in his pants so he can fly…>


<Returns to doing busy work>


Unfortunately, antimatter weighs the same as matter. Don’t have a cite, but it’s been measured.

Now maybe if you could round up some of that stuff that’s been causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate…

Simpler Antigravity Device:
Drop cat w/buttered toast attached butterside up to its back.

couldn’t it land on it’s side? we need a cat with 8 feet and 2 pieces of buttered toast!

NOW! :smiley:

It’s negative matter that is repelled by gravity, as opposed to antimatter. Though I assume you could have negative antimatter… :slight_smile:

RE:"…couldn’t it land on it’s side?"

Considered that,but decided the cat’s sides are not relevant. The conflicting forces of ‘cats ALWAYS land on their feet’, & ‘toast ALWAYS lands butterside down’ would keep the cat in the air.

However,the cat could land by eating the toast.

Anti-gravity is no problem, but spin control is.

Anyone who has tried to hang on to a cat at bath time knows how hard it is to hang on while the cats is defying gravity.

Cats in mid-air tend to squirm and scratch, particularly if they are attached to hot toast. So although by hanging on you too will never touch the ground, hanging on will be difficult, and will tend to shoot you about in random directions other than into the ground.