My apartment complex rocks!

A little backround…

I was transferred from Chicago to Detroit in August of last year. Since I didn’t know what would happen in regards to my job I did not want to make the commitment of buying a house, so I rented an apartment. Good thing I did, since I was laid off three weeks ago (I posted about this at the time but am too lazy to go find it).

I really miss Chicago, and since there is nothing keeping me in Detroit I have decided to move back. The only problem is that there is no provision for breaking my lease. As a result I was going to have to pay rent on my apartment until the lease was up (end of July) or someone else rented it. Well, the leasing manager called me this morning and told me they found someone to rent it! They are moving in at the end of April, so instead of paying 4 months rent I only have to pay April’s!

This is a huge relief for me. My severance pay runs out at the end of May and I was worried about paying the rent while trying to find a job. Now I have one less thing to worry about and while the pressure to find a new job is still there, it’s not as great as it was yesterday. I’m not strapped financially (yet), but knowing I’ll have a little extra money is great.

And that’s why my apartment complex rocks!

Yay, and good luck in your job search. It’s nice to hear about good things happening for people.

I certainly hope you’ll be joining the ChiDope festivities in May, then?

Good luck on the job search. We seem to have an inordinate number of unemployed Dopers at the moment so you’re in good company.

As long as none of the festivities interfere with the Cardinals/Cubs series that weekend I hope to be there. I need to “boo” Dusty Baker and Sammy Sosa every chance I get.