My Apologies for Multiple Posts

Sorry 'bout that.

I submit and then go to another tab in Bork Opera. I get an error message that SDMB server did not respond. I hit submit again.

Seems the SDMB server got the submission and posted it but was unable to respond with confirmation.

I will change my procedure. If I get an error message I will reload the thread and check for my response.

You, like many of us, have figured out the correct procedure the hard way. :slight_smile:

Seeing as you’ve gone up to th’ next level of apology making, AcidKid (Level 1 is making an apology post; level 2 bein’ the apology thread) – bear in mind that the next level is treating all of us to a box of chocolates, okay? Don’t worry, we’ll remind you. :slight_smile:

Seeing the quality of post you’ve made in this thread, may I advise that you refrain from hitting the “Submit” button at all?

This is unnecessary and has a good chance to turn ugly. I’m gonna close it. There’s an active thread in the Pit in which y’all can post if ya the urge to tear AcidKid a new corn chute.