My aunt passed away

Even worse, I had planned to visit her in hospice. Two relatives have died when I blew see them b4 they died. She had a condition that wlked like ALS quacked like it, but appearantly wasn’t.

I’m sorry. My last great aunt died a couple of years ago, and it was such a sad thing.

One of my aunts died this week too. We’re going to her funeral tomorrow.

She was a great lady - she’s the one I talked about on the board who gave up smoking by eating apricots whenever she craved a smoke, then gave up apricots because you get sick of them *real *quick.

She was in her 80’s, was having strokes often & heart issues even more often.

I had hoped to see her last year during my parent’s golden wedding, but she wasn’t well enough to come up and I wish I’d gone down country to see her.

My condolences. I don’t quite understand the second sentence in your original post, though. “Blew”?

hugs So sorry :frowning: