My aunt's husband's kids are my what?

Inspired by another thread… I recently found out that a relative I didn’t know I had is visiting the area and I’d like to figure out what relationship he is to me.

Your aunt’s husband is your uncle. So the kids would be nephews and nieces.

Unless it’s a second husband and your only related by blood to your aunt. If that’s the case and you’re dealing with your aunt’s stepchildren, I would call them by their first name.


I mean, technically, they’re your aunt’s stepchildren, but “cousin” is a nice catchall, which describes the relationship reasonably well. You could even say “step cousin” with a wink, but it’d be a made-up term.

<nitpick> Your siblings children are nephews and nieces. Your uncle’s children are cousins </np>

Diomedes is correct.
They would be your cousins.

Right. My mother’s sister married a widower with three children. They had one child of their own together. All four are my cousins, although only the last is a blood relative.

As others have said, your aunt’s husband’s children (assuming that they were not by your aunt), are step-cousins, although hardly anyone uses that term.

Here’s a relationship I grew up with (names changed in standard Messageboard fashion):

My mother’s brother Jerry married Betty who became my aunt, though there was no blood relation, because she was married to my uncle- mother’s brother = blood relation.

They made babies named Jimmy and Susie- children of my uncle and aunt, my cousins, blood relation ast my mother’s brother’s kids.

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Betty got divorced. As Uncle Jerry led an increasingly troubled life, Aunt Betty (no blood relation) took responsibility upon herself to keep her kids in touch and involved with Jerry’s family- their cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents.

Aunt Betty remarried Donnie (to whom I have no blood relation), Donnie became stepfather to my cousins Jimmy and Susie. Aunt Betty became stepmother to Donnie’s daughters Sarah and Jane. Sarah and Jane (to whom I have no blood relation) became step-siblings to my cousins (blood relation) Jimmy and Susie.
I have never called Sarah and Jane anything other than my cousins.

If two people trace their ancestry to someone in common, they are cousins (unless they are siblings).

If the person fewer generations below that someone is n generations below that someone, the cousins are “(n-1)th cousins”. Thus sharing a great grandmother makes two people 2nd cousins.

If the person who is more generations below that someone in common is k generations further than the closer person is, then they are “(n-1)th cousins, k times removed”. So when your second cousin has a child, that child becomes your second cousin once removed.

Or parent, child, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, grandparent, grandchild, etc.

To be totally correct, they are your step first cousins.

Such is the price I pay for being a smart aleck instead of correct.

why such question

>Or parent, child, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, grandparent, grandchild, etc.

Why, yes, absolutely - I wasn’t thinking!