My Baby Laughed at a Sound Today!

I don’t feel like it is mundane or pointless, but I lack perspective in this situation.

My 8 month old, Henry, has an unknown degree of hearing loss. He’s visually impaired too, and is in fact registered with our state’s deaf-blind collaborative. He has further testing coming up to determine his degree of loss in both.

Normally, he does not respond to any sounds. I have been pretty convinced he was totally deaf. But in the last week or so, he has seemed to notice a couple high-pitched sounds- like his eyes will widen or he will turn his head, and he seems to dance to music a little bit.

Then, today, I was playing with him and decided to grab my husband’s finger cymbals off the coffee table. I rang them together and he laughed!! I handed him one, and did it again, and he laughed again! I took a video for my husband and then clipped it and put on youtube to send to others. I thought I’d share it here too, because who doesn’t love laughing babies?

Henry Laughs at Ringing Sound

This has been a hellish week and it was cool to see my son do something I thought he’d never do.

Very cute! I wish the video was longer. And there is no question at all that it is the sound that’s making him giggle. I’m glad you got a nice “upper” at the end of a bad week.

I figured my family etc would prefer a shorter video so I actually clipped it to that length. :stuck_out_tongue:

That sure looks encouraging! The very best to all of you…

What a total cutie! His laughter is adorable, even more so for the hope it implies.

Give Mr. Giggles a kiss.

So happy for you! That must be very encouraging :slight_smile:

So cool!!

Dear little fellow! How wonderful :slight_smile:

In a world with it’s full share of sad and dismal things, this made me grin.

Thank you for it, and give Henry an extra cuddle.

That’s awesome!

Great news!

Big smiles. Love it! :smiley:

What a cutie pie! Any chance his hearing could continue improve as he grows?

That’s wonderful prettydorky. A sound of joy and hope!