my beautiful white angel fish died...

over the last day, she developed this horrible white thing on her face…I really don’t know what it was but it looked horrid. She was beautiful til now. She was upside down at the bottom of the tank. I took her out and put her in a bucket in case it was catching to the other one. She was dying so we put her outside in the cold snow. We figured it was a faster death than it looked like she was going through.

I’ve done some searches but haven’t had much luck coming up with anything on the internet. Any fish experts out there?

Some butter and lemon juice with a sprinkling of basil usually works fine for me.

Aww, sorry. It always sucks when your favorite one dies. :frowning:

We used to have this big, mean, ugly-ass Jack Dempsy chiclid that was the king of his 80-gallon. Every other fish we tried to put in there either became his bitch or his dinner. And the bastard just would not die. We were beginning to think he was immortal. We couldn’t bring ourselves to offing him, so we just waited it out. Finally, one morning, he was a floater. We sang “ding-dong, the witch is dead,” and immediately went out and got some angel fish. :slight_smile:

Maybe a fungus infection?

Sorry about your sweet fish. I think you did the right thing.

This is why I make mermaid houses and never put fish in them.

no, none of those pictures looked as horrible as this did…her whole front (nose?) turned red and the white looked like a mould, is the best word I can think of…I hope the other one doesn’t get it…

Perhaps Cotton Mouth. Do you know what Ich looks like?

That’s all I can suggest and I can’t help you farther.

Sounds like cotton mouth to me as well, or an advanced wound that the infection had won out.