Probably dying goldfish. Anything I can do?

I have a 2 year old goldfish. I did have two but I just flushed the other one. He died either yesterday or today but definitely within the last 24 hours. But, he looked all fuzzy (white).

The other goldfish is still alive and he swam really fast when I accidentally poked him with the net. But, other than that he’s just sitting on the bottom, kind of leaning to the right.

Does the white fuzzy mean anything? Is there any way I can stop my goldfish from dying of the same thing?

Never mind. On closer examination, it appears to be ich.

There are things you can buy to get ick out of your tank, but by the time the fish are covered in fuzz it’s usually too late. Check your pet store.

This one isn’t covered in fuzz. The dead one was. This one just has a bunch of white spots. Do you think it’s still too late?

you have nothing to lose by treating him for Ich. Go for it.

I don’t have any experience with ich or know if other things can cause fuzz, but my daughter had a couple frogs and a fish die a fuzzy death over the course of a couple weeks. When we looked close at the rocks on the bottom of the tank, there were little balls of fuzz sprinkled everywhere. It was apparently from food that sank and decomposed. So, assuming it survives the ich, you may want to clean the tank.