My big screen TV came in!

OK, so I have a bank where I through extra money (I have two, one for change and one for bills.) Two weeks ago I counted the one for bills and found I had $1800.00.

I bought a 55 inch plasma screen TV.

It just came in today!

First blush: That is way too f#@king big! Man, you overreached!

Now that it is out of the box and (sorta) set up. Pretty freaking cool! NFL is gonna look great on this!

I need to get a stand (I don’t think I could hang it on the wall, it weighs a ton!) and then one of my buddies will have to help me get it fully set up (it weighs a ton!)

I don’t do things like this. It is much more extravagant than I would normally go. But I think I’m gonna like it.

Don’t think about moving for a while. I have a 53 inch rear projection TV that, when I moved, I had to pay a separate fee to the moving company, as well as buy a separate insurance policy.

But, it IS soooo cool. People are absolutely blown away by it. Enjoy, you will be a GOD among your sports fan buddies.

The first thing we did when we got a bigscreen plasma was to rent a few of the most gorgeously filmed things we could think of. I remember watching Winged Migration and Amelie, for example. O Brother Where Art Thou?, too, is a thing of beauty on a big screen.

Congratulations on your new toy.

A ton? Nahh… My old 40" Sony XBR Wega weighed a ton - 305 pounds of glass and concrete. Comparatively, the 50" plasma was a portable.

Moving’s not a problem, except for the Unbreakable Rule - Do not lay a plasma or LCD panel flat, or the glass will break from its own weight.

Great idea, wish I had mentioned it. I also suggest What Dreams May Come, not all that great a movie, but visually incredible. Pleasantville would be another fun choice.

$1800 in your piggy bank?!?!

I am so jealous!!!

Congratulations on your new baby :wink:

Only $1800 for a bigscreen plasma TV? I’m jealous. Is it HD?

When we bought our plasma (a 42" Panasonic) two years ago, the first movie we watched was Castaway.

The picture quality combined with our surround sound system…we were in awe.

As far as moving, we kept the box for it. It is a HUGE box, but then again we have a large storage loft in the garage to keep it. So now when we move, we will already have a safe way to move it.

To be accurate, the NFL only looks freakin’ cool when you watch it it HiDef. A regular signal with a huge TV makes all the players look like giant, indistict blobs.

Dolphins fans might not notice much of a difference. D&R

Oh, yeah, if you don’t have a surround sound system, steal someone else’s piggy bank and buy one. You just can’t have a tv like that without surround.